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A Love Letter To Charlotte Church

 2nd Revision Manuscript


Copyright (c) 2005 by Donald Richard Ballard
All rights reserved.
Second Edition

Disclaimer:   This author is not responsible for the information contained from other sources mentioned in this book.  The articles and programs, in this book, are provided as "information only" and do not necessarily apply to any specific person or situation.  The reader assumes full responsibility, for the application, use or misuse, of the information contained in this book, and the effect it has on the reader. The author is not liable for damages, of any kind, arising from the use or misuse of this information or the effect it has on anyone.   The information in this book is that of the author and not of the publisher. The fictional character of Charlotte Church, in this book, has no reflection on Charlotte Church herself. The information in this book is not guaranteed to be perfectly accurate, although the author has tried to be as accurate as possible, at the time it was written.  This disclaimer extends to all other admonitions in this entire book.  The articles in Part Two are, in some cases, "on going" issues and might not be up-to-date on those issues, when this book is read.  All readers of this book are welcome to TALK BACK to the author on any issue at anytime at  This book just might go down in history as the most controversial book ever written.  Re-print and republishing rules are covered in Part Two.






"Hear Me, O mortals!  I come every 3000 years and speak, and My voice comes upon the souls of thousands of people, and I newly light up the earth world!  And when the dawn of the new cycle of the Arc of Bon, Kosmon comes, behold, I will open my heavens unto mortals, and prepare the foundation of My Kingdom on Earth!"

"Hear My voice, O spirits and mortals!  The words of the heavens are my words, orderly and well disciplined.  No man can imitate Me, and spirits cannot counterfeit Me.  My words are from the fountain that erreth not forever."

"Be wise, O earth people, in the words of thy God.  My records come "not" from the books of mortals.  I open My heavenly libraries, and find the records of Jehovih's living sons and daughter's, who once trod the earth.  Their light I recast down again to mortals in a stream of fire, and lo, my words are rewritten.  Search thou, for the evidence of My footsteps on the earth."

O mortal people, you shall not mistake the teachings of the Chief God, which is:  worship thy Creator only,  to not bow down to any god or a lord or savior.  I will destroy the worship of all gods and lords and saviors on the grounds of miracles. To love thy neighbor as thyself and to do good unto others with all thy wisdom and strength, having faith in the almighty Jehovih.   As ye live on earth, so shall ye reap in heaven.

"I come now with a New Book (Oahspe) and mortals will accept it from my hand.  Herein, in this book, do I predict beforehand, that mortals shall witness in time to come, that I, the Chief God of the earth and her heavens, have spoken.!"




Of all the things I love in life, I love truth more than anything else.  I have always been that way.  I am, now, an information "junkie" and I could spend all my time just learning everything I can possibly learn about everything that came my way.  As a matter of fact, that is my biggest problem, getting "focused" on one project long enough to get the job done before I am distracted to another project or interest.  I have, in my own personal library, several hundred books which I will never be able to read them all and I am still buying more because I can't turn them down.  So I am a "book nut" too.

Since I was a teenager, I have always been the type of person who LISTENED to other people's views even when I think they are "off their rocker".
When I do listen to people who have different views than mine, sometimes they will change my viewpoint and sometimes they don't.

When I was 26 years old, God started talking to me in my dreams.  At this time I was going through a difficult period in my life and I had a dream that I was to let my dreams help me through these problems.

In one of these dreams I was walking on dark green grass towards a brick building.  The sun was shinning and out of a blue sky, this voice spoke and said, "I am God!  Did you think I would give you just one woman."  I went into this building and into a room where there was this female that I loved and I hugged her.  I then left that room and went into another room where there was another female and I hugged her too.

From that time on I was flooded with dreams every night and I started writing them down on a stenographic tablet.  Since then, over the past 46 years, I have been talked to in my dreams many hundred of times by Jehovih, God, Justin (my guardian angel) and spirits (angels) good and bad.

I have actually had BROAD BAND into the spiritual world getting dreams from numerous spirits and I have had to go through a difficult experience trying to figure all of this stuff out and deal with my own problems too. Some of these spirits are evil and have definitely caused me some pretty serious problems.

 Along with the information I was getting from my dreams I also did a lot of reading from books, articles etc.

The information in this book is the result of all those years of dreams and reading and problems I have had to solve.  To you now, is being given some very valuable information you can easily obtain by just reading and not having to go through the sometimes "hell" I had to go through to get where I am today.

Some of this information will probably upset you because I will be telling you things different from the way you were raised and how you believe, so keep an open mind and consider all I have to say.

What you will be reading here is basically from Jehovih, God, Justin (my guarding angel) and numerous spirits.

I was told, in a dream that I had the "pearl of great price".  This means that I could hear the voice of God.  I was told, in a dream, that I was a Colonel in Jehovih's Spiritual Militia.

This means I am a warrior in the battle of "light against darkness".

 I am a warrior in the battle of "good against evil".

 I am a warrior in the battle against all the enemies of Jehovih.

I am a warrior against the destroyers of Jehovih's children.
I am a warrior against all evil religious attitudes where people are abused or killed because a religious attitudes.

I am a warrior against all dictatorships that "oppress" people.
I am a warrior against all war, except in the case of self defense or the elimination of a despot or religious extremist leader, who is a proven oppressor, that endangers other states for further oppression and destruction.
I am a warrior against any form of atheism, especially where it is organized.

In this book I will be telling you the truth about all of these religions on earth and you might not like what I have to say.  My answer to you is this.  If your religion cannot stand up to a critical examination of the doctrines you believe in, then get some new doctrines.  If your god cannot stand up to a critical examination, then get rid of him and get another one.  You have freedom of choice, so use it.  You have just as much right to have the god you want, just the same way you have the right to have the diet you want.  It's as simple as that.
I will also be telling you what God wants you to eat.  I will be telling you the truth about evolution.  I will be telling you the truth about abortion.  I will be telling you the truth about the sex drive and much more.

The people I will upset the most will be the Christians, Jews, abortionist, evolutionists, atheists and maybe some other people on other issues I talk about.  If you do not want to know what your Heavenly Father thinks about you and how you are living your life, then don't read this book.

However, if you think you have the courage to face Him and read what He wants you to know, go ahead and read this book.  All of you will be a lot better off if you face the truths in this book and make changes in your life which will make you a much happier person.  I know what I am talking about about.  He told me these things in my dreams and I am definitely a much happier person since I made the changes that I needed to make.





NOTE to Charlotte: A disclaimer is generally used by authors to protect themselves from lawsuits from readers of their writings.  I do not think that you are so "flaky" as to do such a thing.  But, anyway, having said that, what you read hear is done of your own free will.  I put no pressure whatsoever upon any reader of this book.  What you are about to read here is shocking.

You have been reared as a Catholic and I was reared as a Protestant.  By the time I had finished reading OAHSPE I was well on my way to being  a Faithist.  Complete conversion has been many years in the making.  I was not about to "willy nilly" jump from one faith to another.  I have read Oahspe more times than I can remember.

Charlotte, Oahspe is not the "inspired" word of  God, it IS the words of God and of Jehovih, the Creator and of numerous High Raised Angels.  The information in OAHSPE comes also from the Libraries of Heaven.

A man named Newbrough was told by Angels to purchase a typewriter and to sit at that typewriter for about two hours every morning for several months.  This was back in 1880.  As he sat at that typewriter, a yellow beam of light came shinning down "right through the ceiling" and hit his hands.  Once, he got up from the typewriter and stuck his hands out the window and this beam of light shown straight up in the sky as far as he could see.

As he sat at this typewriter, the beam of light moved his hands and typed the manuscript for OAHSPE which, when finished, Newbrough was told to publish, which was completed in 1882.  Three Angels were in the room with him.  One at each side of him and one behind him with his arms stretched out over Newbrough's head.

For over forty years, I have done considerable research into history to find mundane historical information to back up what OAHSPE says.  I have now found tons of proof that OAHSPE tells the truth about all the religions on earth and from an historical standpoint is extremely accurate.

This book, which is actually a New Bible given to man on earth, tells where all these different religion came from and who started them.

Charlotte, haven't you ever asked yourself, "Since there is only one God, why are there so many different religions on earth that have been warring with each other for many hundreds of years?"

Have you ever read the Koran of the Islam religion?  The God of that religion, Allah will throw anyone in hell if they are not Muslim when they die.  And Christ will do the same to anyone who is not a Christian when they die.  What is going on here?  Oahspe tells us what is going on here, and Jehovih, our Heavenly Father says we are his "babes" and OAHSPE makes it plain that no person goes to hell forever.  There have been hells created by man-gods who threw their enemies therein.  These hells have long since been "delivered" by God and the people have been taken to Heavenly Plateaus and healed.



                    TO THIS LOVE LETTER

                    TO CHARLOTTE CHURCH

                 To begin with, I am not the kind of a person who chases after the rich and famous, especially young females.

                 Rich and famous people are, just people, who, for one reason or another, happen to be rich and famous.  Take away all their money and fame and they are just people like the rest of us.

                 People all over the world spend way too much time reading about rich and famous people, when actually, if they would just stop wasting time on them and concentrated on the abilities they also have, they could improve their own lives a great deal.

                 As you read this Love Letter To Charlotte Church, you will find a lot of information you can use to improve your own life.

                 The information I am about to give you is very controversial.  Some of this information will also upset many people all over the world, but in the long run, facing these truths will make this world a much better place to live in.

                 One of the biggest problems in this world is that people just do not listen to other people enough.  We humans have two ears and one mouth and we should listen twice as hard as we talk.

                 So, as you read this Love Letter To Charlotte Church, keep an open mind because a closed mind cannot receive anything new or different.  A closed mind is like a "closed fist" which cannot receive anything and is used to "beat the giver" of anything new or different.  Also, what I want you to know is that this information is directed to you also, just as much as it is to Charlotte or "CC" which is my nick name for her.

                 In the year 2000, I was looking through a brochure of various types of music and I saw this CD of a young girl and the name of the CD was, "Voice of an Angel."

                 I was immediately very attracted to this young girl and the name of the CD really fascinated me, so I sent for it.

                 When I got the CD and played it, I was completely captivated by this young girl and her singing.  I ordered other CD's by her also.

                 There is a picture of  Charlotte in one of the booklets that come with the CD where Charlotte has on a gold jacket and is standing near a bluff with the sea in the background.  I wished I had been the person who had taken that picture.

                 When I had finished taking the picture, I would have walked over to her, put my arms around her, and never let her go ( until she stomped on my toes.)

                 As a matter of fact, my feelings were so strong for her I had to just throw those CD's and pictures away.  There was no sense in allowing myself to continue feeling the way I did about someone, where there was no way of having any relationship at all with her.

                 See, I was a 67 year old divorced man and she was only sixteen (so I thought at that time.)

                 So I just put her out of my mind and went on with my life.  Things went all right for a few weeks and then I started feeling really lonely for her and went and bought some CD's again.

                 But the same thing happened.  Looking at her pictures and listening to her music was just torture because I could never have her for, even a friend, let alone anything more than that.  So I just threw the CD's and pictures away again.

                 Several weeks later, I saw where she had a video out where she sang in a concert.  I broke down and bought the video.  Well, this was a shock, because when I saw her on this video, interacting with other people, I was stunned to see she was only about thirteen years old

                 Needless to say, this did a lot to help me handle how I felt for her.  I still was very much attracted to her but, seeing she was only thirteen gave a lot of "stability" to my feelings for her.

                 So, I went and bought all those CD's again and since have bought all that she has produced.  Still, there was no way I was going to join any fan club or try to contact her at all, (so I thought at that time).

                 I have had a back problem for many years.  I have a slipped disk in my spine at L5 and this causes pains to my feet when I walk.  I was able to work until the end of 2000 until the pain got so bad I had to quit my job.

                 During the year 2001 I went to several chiropractors trying to get better.  In November of that year, my son was home on leave and I had him go the store and stock me up with a lot of food and supplies.  At that time my condition was so bad I could not even go to the store.

                 My landlord had already gone to Florida for the winter and this left me all alone in this apartment building.  He had stopped renting out the other apartments because he is just too old to feel like putting up with problems we have had with renters.

                 About two weeks after that my condition worsened so much, I ended up crawling on the floor of my apartment, unable to walk because of the pain. An operation was out of the question.  I have heard so many horror stories, I was not going to give in to that, unless I was forced into it.  When I started running out of food, I ordered on line from an organic farm in California.

                 I started getting dreams that were trying to help me.  Dreams are hard to understand sometimes because they usually come in symbolism.  Anyway, God told me, if I did what He told me to do, I would be well enough to be on my feet in the spring.

                 It's a long story, but in the spring I "was" back on my feet, mowing the lawn and doing various jobs for my landlord.  I was doing better and since then I have had my ups and downs but not completely well yet.

                 On Nov.1, 2001 I had a dream about Charlotte.  On Nov. 18  I had another one, and then another and during that year and all throughout 2002 I had over 100 dreams about Charlotte Church..  Jehovih told me to write to Charlotte because He said she was interested in what I was doing in my life.

                 Even though I was going to write to CC, I did not believe "at all" that she would ever contact me.  Yes, she might, but the chances were very slim, to say the least.

                 So, what I decided to do was to "pull out all the stops" and write to her about everything I could possibly think she would be interested in.  When I was done, I would published it, so that a lot of other people all over this world, could benefit from what I was going to tell her.

                   If she was interested in what I knew, I would just give all of it to her and then if she did not want to contact me, at least I have given her enough information that, at least it would help her throughout her life and then published in a book would help lots of other people too.

                 This "Love Letter to Charlotte Church" is not just one long letter but a series of letters, programs and articles I wrote over a period of the last three years.  Most of this was written in the year 2002 but I have written additional articles for ESFOMA from time to time since then.

                  While a Technical Writer for a large Materials Handling Company, I wrote and/or revised over 100 technical manuals.  The worst part of writing anything, for me, was the proof reading for spelling mistakes and the rewording process, to make it all sound better and correct technical errors.  The best way to deal with this problem is to have two or three people working together, at the same time, to catch all mistakes.   Since I did this alone, I probably didn't catch all them.  So take that into consideration as you read this book.

                  Also, I was forced to have this book published before I could even finish articles I wanted to include.  I have included the "titles" anyway because they carry an important message on their own.  You are invited to "proof read" this book for me and e-mail me the mistakes that you find.  I does not bother me when people have different opinions than my own.

                If you do not hear from me on your e-mail, it will be because I just can't handle all the work involved, right away.  If you feel you have something urgent, you will just have to keep after me until I respond.  However, I will not get into arguments with anybody. You have your opinion and I have mine

                  Now....did CC ever contact me?


                TO CHARLOTTE CHURCH


                 Donald:  Hi Charlotte, My name is Donald.

                Charlotte:  Donald who?

                Donald:    My last name is Ballard.

                Charlotte:  I don't know anything about you.

                Donald:  I know that, but I know a lot about you.

                Charlotte:  I don't doubt that, I am rich and famous.  So why have you written such a long letter and sent me all of this stuff?

                Donald:  Because I was told to contact you by a very important person.

                Charlotte: Who?

                Donald:  I will tell you that later in the letter.

                Charlotte:  Just exactly what kind of information is contained in this letter?

                Donald:  I was told by this person that you would be very interested in me and what I am trying to do in life.  The information in this letter centers around religions, karma, reincarnation, proper diet, enemies of God, abortion, life after death, purgatory, heavenly plateaus, Holy Angels, the Pope, Christ, dream analysis, handwriting analysis, your birth, your book, your family, your career, your money, charity, sex, dating, booze, birth control, social obligations, humor (I kid around sometimes), the tabloids and other subjects I can't recall right now.  Are you interested in any of these subjects?

                Charlotte:  Well, yes, some of them. How old are you Donald?

                Donald:  I am 69 years old.

                Charlotte:  Oh!  I am just a teenager trying to handle everything that has come into my life in the past three years and I don't think I can handle such a vast amount of information at this particular time.  I am busy, Donald!  Why are dumping all of this stuff on me at this time.

                Donald:  First of all, you can read this letter, and the rest of this information, at your own pace.  You did not ask for this information, therefor you are under no obligation to do anything with this that you do not want to do.

                     However, I have read your book, MY LIFE (SO FAR) and as a 69 year old man, who has reared four children, who has contacts well beyond your comprehension, and knowledge far beyond yours in some areas, I can see that you are, right now, doing some things in your life, that if you do not make drastic changes, you will do serious harm to your physical body, and decisions you make in the next few months may well be the difference between a life of joy or a life of misery.

                Charlotte:  Donald?

                Donald: Yes, Charlotte.

                Charlotte:  Why me Donald?  Why not some other rich and famous person?

                Donald:  Because, you are a very special person to me and very special to the person who told me to contact you.

                Charlotte:  You are driving me crazy!!!!!

                Donald:  Why?

                Charlotte:  Because I want to know what this is all about, that's why!!!

                Donald:  O.K. Charlotte.  But before you get started, let me tell you this.   I have been told, that everything I say in this letter is for you only..  I do not know whether your "inner family circle" (shown in that first picture in your book) or any of your friends, will be able to handle what is written here.

                      The information contained in this document is not the same as you have been taught by your parents, grand parents, relatives, teachers, religious leaders and society as a whole. Whether you go into your bedroom and read this by yourself "first" or go ahead and read it with other members of your family, is your decision only.  I was told that the members of your family were "pretty high spiritually" but their diet needed to be improved.

                     Now, I have been told that you are a Faithist right now, but you will not even know what I am talking about until you read everything I say in this letter and read Oahspe all the way through.  There will be times when I may upset you by what I say.   But go ahead and read all of it because maybe later, when more information comes along, you may decide that getting upset was unnecessary.

                     One time, when I was reading Oahspe for the first time, I read something that I did not agree with and I threw that Bible clear across the room.  My son, who was only four years old at that time, went over and picked up that book and carried it across the room to where I was sitting and laying it in my lap, he said, "Oahspe."

                     One more thing.  The name of the Creator of the Universe is Jehovih, not Jehovah, and the Faithist Religion has absolutely nothing to do with the Jehovah's Witness denomination!

                Charlotte, are you ready to get started?

                Charlotte:  Yes.

                Donald:  O.K.  Turn the page.............



                Charlotte:  Donald?

                Donald:  Yes Charlotte.

                Charlotte:  I have some questions for you.

                Donald:  Go ahead, "shoot."

                Charlotte:  I don't want to shoot you.

                Donald:  That is just an American expression meaning, "go ahead and ask your questions."

                Charlotte:  Oh!  Are you one of those people who chases after the rich and famous.

                Donald:  I am just the opposite.  I never have and never will care about the rich and famous people in this world.

                Charlotte:  Then why have you contacted me?

                Donald:  Because you are different and you will have to read the letter to know why.

                Charlotte:  Are you a pedophile?

                Donald:  No!

                Charlotte:  But I am a lot younger than you are.

                Donald:  I know that.... but I can't control who I fall in love with, it just

                Charlotte:  What is your sexual orientation?

                Donald:  On a scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is homosexual and 10 is heterosexual, I am a solid 10.

                Charlotte:  Do you date now?

                Donald:  No.  I was divorced in 1989 and I have dated no one at all.

                Charlotte:  Why?

                Donald:  Because of the way I was treated at that time so I swore off females for the rest of my life.  I wanted nothing to do with any female, period.

                Charlotte:  Until I came into your life?

                Donald:  That's right.

                Charlotte:  What did I do to cause you to fall in love with me?

                Donald:  You did nothing that you were aware of.   You will just have to read the letter to know how it happened.

                Charlotte:   If I reject your feelings for me, will you do something stupid or crazy.

                Donald:  Do I sound stupid or crazy to you?

                Charlotte:  No.

                Donald:  I guess that answers your question then.  By the way, I finally caught that little sucker.

                Charlotte:   What little sucker?

                Donald:  That mouse that has been taking the cheese from the mousetrap without setting it off.

                Charlotte:     Oh!  Has "falling in love with me" had a constructive influence on your life?

                Donald:  Astonishing influence!!!

                Charlotte:  Like what?

                Donald:  I am singing songs for the first time in my life since I was in choir over 50 years ago.

                Charlotte:  Why haven't you sang songs in all those years?

                Donald:   Because I just didn't feel like it.

                Charlotte:  What do you think the chances are that I would ever marry you?

                Donald:  Lets see now, when was the last time the moon bumped against the sun?

                Charlotte:  Come on now, be serious.

                Donald:  I believe that we can definitely get married providing you:

                         1.   Read everything I have sent you now and will send you in the future.

                          2.  Maintain an on going dialogue with me via phone, e-mail and snail mail.

                           3.  Wear the heart.

                           4.   Start changing your diet.

                           5.   Come over here and spend as many hours talking to me as you can alone with no "conversation cop" with us.  This is vital.  You and I cannot possibly know each other unless we spend many hours alone in a room with no one else there.  I love one-on-one conversations, especially with somebody I really care for.  We could not possibly open up to one another with anybody else in the room.

                            6.  And you wake up to what God wants us to do.

                            7.  And most important, you want to work with me and would rather marry me, than anyone else that you can possibly think of.

                Charlotte:  What do you mean by "what God wants us to do" and what about "wearing the heart"?

                Donald:  You will find out all of that in the letter.

                Charlotte:  What if I do not even think you are cute?

                Donald:  I can wear make-up.

                Charlotte:   Yeah, right!

                Charlotte:  Would I be safe alone with you

                Donald:  No.

                Charlotte:  Why is that?

                Donald:  Because you'd probably laugh yourself to death at my jokes.

                Charlotte:  Because they are funny?

                Donald:  No, because they are not!

                Charlotte:  Do you do a lot of kidding around with a person for real, when you are with someone.

                Donald:  No.

                Charlotte:  Why is that?

                Donald:  If I ever have the chance to talk to you in person I will not waste time making jokes when there are much more important things to talk about.  Actually, in person I am quite serious in almost all conversations. In this fictional situation, I can control both sides of the conversation and goof around, where in real life I do not have that control.  You would be safe being alone with me.  I talk about that in the letter.

                Charlotte:   What does esfoma mean?

                Donald:  Esfoma is actually as aspect of the Creator.  This is hard to explain to someone who hasn't studied Oahspe.  Esfoma means "something in the wind" or "as things seem to indicate" or "signs of the times".  That is why I like to call esfoma the "winds of change".  If you were to "hear" that a new movie was about to come out, this is like esfoma.

                Charlotte:  That's cool.

                Donald:  The whole Faithist religion is cool.

                Charlotte:  How come the Faithist religion is practically unknown.

                Donald:  There are many millions of Faithists in this world.  Oahspe, first published in 1882 has been through more printings than I could ever count and has been translated in other languages. Some people have even put it on CD-ROM.  The greatest concentration of Faithists are in the U.S. and U.K.   Oahspe has been published in England for many years, several times.

                Charlotte:  In Wales too?

                Donald:  I don't know about Oahspe being published in Wales, but I am sure there are Faithist in all of the U.K.

                Charlotte:  I don't know anybody that is a Faithist.

                Donald:  Unless they tell you, you aren't going to know either.

                Charlotte:  Why don't people know about this religion if it is so important?

                Donald:  Because Oahspe exposes all religions on earth for what they really are and when a person finds and reads Oahspe they are not about to go to their friends and relatives and tell them disturbing things they have found out about the religion that their loved ones really believe in.

                Finding Oahspe is like finding out that cosmetics are poison to the skin and body, that candy is slow poison to your body and your shoes are slowly destroying your spine.

                Charlotte:  Donald!

                Donald:  Yes Charlotte.

                Charlotte:  What do you mean about what you said about candy, cosmetics and shoes?

                Donald:  Charlotte?

                Charlotte:  What Donald.

                Donald:  This is the reason I did not include my phone number with this introduction.

                Charlotte:  Why didn't you include your phone number?

                Donald:  Because, you might want to phone me to find out stuff from me out of sequence, from the way I wrote the letter, and over the phone, I could not turn you down.

                Charlotte:  Donald?

                Donald:  Yes Charlotte.

                Charlotte:  You are driving me right up a tree and I would like to "lock you up."

                Donald:  That is exactly what I want you to do, lock me up.

                Charlotte:  I know there is a trick to this one, so what is it?

                Donald:  Whenever I get a dream when certain words are used, I have to look it up in a dictionary to find out what specific meaning the dream is referring to.  One of the meanings of the word "lock" means to "embrace tightly".  So, I get to choose the meaning of that word.

                Charlotte:  Sure, in your dreams.
                Donald:   In the letter I tell you how many dreams I have had about you, what they were, and what they mean, and WHO they were from, and did you know I wake every night and you are singing to me from.....


                those first two songs, "Tonight" and "Carrickfergus",
                especially "Carrickfergus"
                and since I am unfamiliar with these songs
                and because of your Welsh accent, I cannot understand what you are saying.

                What are you saying to me Charlotte????????????


                                                                                            Sunday, September 15, 2002
                                        Dear Charlotte:

                       I have bought all of your CD's, Videos and your book (My Life, So Far) and as a result of some of the negative things that have been said about you and your family members, I wrote for you "A TRUE FRIEND".

                      You have a talent that just doesn't come along very often.  But what impresses me the most is the unbelievable maturity and wisdom that I found in you after reading your book.  I had to read it "twice" just to convince myself that I wasn't just imagining these qualities in you.

                      I find your character and personality just as unusually exquisite as your voice, and all of this at such a young age.   I am 69 years old and I find qualities in you, that would be "great" if I could find them in people my age.

                      Now, I am not saying these things just to "puff up your ego", and I don't think this would do that to you anyway because I don't believe that you are even capable of being an egotist.

                      I cut out the picture of you from the cover of your book and attached it to the lyrics of "Just Wave Hello"  and I wanted to have it photographed and have five copies of it made.  I was going to send one print to you, Abby, Jo and Kim and keep one print myself.  (I have to correct some misspelled words in the lyrics first though).  Anyway....this photographer told me that since it was copyrighted, she couldn't photograph it.  As far as I know, any copyrighted material can be copied by an "individual" for a person's "own use."

                      But, I thought I had better ask for your permission first before I did it.

                                                                                         Sincerely with Love,

                P.S.  I have a letter coming to you which is over 100 typewritten pages long and I have lots more to say to you.  I have been given a deadline to get this out to you.  The other day I did something to my keyboard and completely deleted a program I was working on. Now I have to retype it all over again.   Bummer!

                When I send this letter to you, I will tell you about myself, who told me to contact you, pictures of myself and where I live, inside and out.   I will send articles I have written, on various subjects, and scientific information to back up what I will be telling you, about the things you are doing now, which threaten your general health (blood sugar levels), your voice, your hearing, your face, your reputation and your feet.

                I will also send a copy of Oahspe but you can "get the jump" on that by ordering one from or other sources.  I will also be sending something very "special" that I will just keep to myself for now.

                Also, the benefits to other people all around the world will be so great it is beyond your comprehension to even grasp it.  The person who wants us to do this has set no deadline on that part of it.  We can work at it as we get time.  It is something that we will be working on together if it is something that you want to do.  The choice will be yours.

                I have two addresses saying they are your Official Fan Club so I will send duplicate information to both.   If your mail is being opened by other people before it gets to you, you had better give me a different address to send that letter, because I am sure you do not want other people to read it.


Written especially for Charlotte Church
on Monday, August 19, 2002





Dear Charlotte:

                      What I am preparing for you is a vast amount of information that you could look for, for the rest of your life and never find it. In fact, all of humanity has been looking for, what I will be telling you, since the beginning of time.  If you think this is crazy, then you will miss out on what I am trying to tell you.

                      I know, you want to know, WHY ME?  In the letter, I will tell you everything.

                I will be laying all of this at your "feet" and I hope you will help me spread this information all around the world.  I can and will do this without you, but I would rather do this "with you" because it would carry so much more of an influence if done with someone else, like you, especially you.

                     All my life I have been looking for, and suffered a great deal, to discover the information I am about to give to you FREELY with no strings attached.  Why?  Because I was told by a very important person that you were very interested in this information and there was a very good possibility that you would gladly work with me to help me spread this information all over this planet.

                     This information can be spread in either one of two methods.  Method number one, with you, would be fantastic because that would complete the picture.  Method number two would be without you, and "well, it was a great story but, "darn it", it had a sad ending".

                      " Woops!  I forgot I had a sweet potato in the oven.  Be back later!"

                       Now, where was I?

                As you read this love letter, and the other information I am sending you, and read Oahspe, it will be like putting a puzzle together, and you have to "read it all" before the big picture begins to form in your mind.  If I told you right now, before you read everything, what you and I can accomplish by working together, you would think I was off my rocker.

                After you read everything, and if you "wake up" to what the possibilities are by working with me, nobody will be able to keep you from this project.

                                                                                       Love you...Donald



                    A LOVE LETTER
                    CHARLOTTE CHURCH.

It is very important to keep in mind that I wrote this Love Letter in the fall of 2002, after Charlotte had released the CD, "ENCHANTMENT".  I was told in dreams, what she was going to do in the future, concerning her career.

                         My dreams have always been very accurate in forecasting the future. They tell me about future events around the world that are coming to pass, what people are planning to do concerning me and everything Jehovih or God or Justin or angels (good and bad) want me to know.

                           This is important, to keep this is mind, when reading ESFOMA also.   God told me I had the "pearl of great price" (could hear his voice) over 40 years ago.  All of the above persons are very determined that Charlotte and I will marry and work together.

                         God has corrected at me sometimes because of the things I have said to her and had me change a lot of stuff I had written to her.  I figured that since she had watched the Jerry Springer Show, she could pretty well handle anything I wrote to her.  He said I still had to consider her age.



                Dear Charlotte:

                     Of all the songs that I have heard you sing, "Just Wave Hello" is my favorite,  and I do not believe anyone will ever be able to sing that song as well as you can.

                     So, let that song be the "theme" of this letter to you, I am just waving hello!  In so doing, I have some things to tell you, that will shock you beyond anything that will ever happen to you in your entire life.

                     But I do not believe that what I am going to tell you is "bad".  And when I use the word bad, I mean bad, not good.

                    First, let me tell you a story:  For many years, I have had a problem with my spine and over the years I have been to chiropractors more times than I can count.  While working at my last place of employment, I had to go to my chiropractor on average twice a week, just to keep working.

                     In December of 2000,  the pains to my legs got so bad, that I had to stop working. During the year of 2001 I was going to two different chiropractors, trying to get back on my feet, so I could return to work.  Instead of getting better, I was getting worse.  When November of 2001 came, my son was home on leave, and I told him to go to the store and stock me up on lots of food and supplies, because at the time he arrived here, I could no longer do any shopping for myself.

                   The last thing I was going to do was get an operation.  I have heard too many "horror stories" about people who have had back operations.

                     Just after my landlord left for Florida, I could only walk a few steps when I would have to sit down, because the pain was so bad.  I did not tell him how bad off I was.

                     I was in this big apartment building all alone.  The other apartments are empty.

                      For the last 8 years he has always gone off to Florida for the winter and I would handle his rental property while he was gone.  During this period he has been selling off one property each summer and now has only this building and one other across town left.

                        About this time the pain was so severe that I could not even use crutches because of parathesia on my right calf.  I did have my computer and started doing research on the web.  Also I had already started having dreams that were trying to help me get through this.  I could write a book on the research I did, the dreams I had and the problems I had, but that is something I will have to do later.

                        In the months of January and February of 2002, I crawled on my hands and knees most of the time in my apartment.  When I ran out of food I would order online from California and have food delivered by Fedex.

                       Anyway, to make a long story short, by doing research on the web, buying books and supplies and doing what my dreams told me to do, I began to slowly recover.  I had a dream in February of 2002 that I would be back on my feet mowing grass in the spring, but I didn't believe it.  I had crawled on my hands and knees so much, so long, that when I did start walking again, it did not even feel normal to be up so far off the floor!

                      In the spring,  I was back on my feet, mowing grass, painting the house across town and a whole bunch of other stuff.  I still have a little pain in my feet when I have been on them for about two hours, so I would get off them for awhile and rest.


                 You you are probably wondering, "what has all this got to do with me?"

                       Just before I lost my job, I was going through a music catalog and saw this CD called Charlotte Church on the cover and this "cute smiling girl" with this red coat,  standing in farmland.  Well, I love the country and you looked like the "neatest person" I had ever seen.  And then the "write up" on the CD said you had the "Voice of an Angel."  Well, I had to check this out, so I ordered a CD.

                        When I got the CD and played it, I was absolutely stunned at what I was hearing.  Since then I have bought everything you have performed in.  While I was crawling on the floor of my apartment, with no one to help me except my dreams and my own common sense,  those CD's and Videos of you kept my spirits up in NO WAY anyone else could have done.

                       It was like "just you and me and God", with no one else around all those months.  If I didn't "fall in love with you", then I do not know what else to call it.  Now, the pictures of you on the CD, make you look about sixteen "to me" but when I bought the first video I could plainly see that you were only about thirteen.

                         Now, I come to the shocking part.  I have had "five dreams" about you.  The first one came to me over thirty years ago.  In this dream, my wife "at that time" was hanging around a bunch of doctors (in the dream) and this girl came up to me, "tilted her head to one side" and said, "What about us?"   This dream came to me long before you were even born and at that time, I had no way of knowing who this person was or what the dream meant.  It wasn't until I had dreamed all the other dreams about you that I finally knew who that girl was.

                        On your web site and on the back of CD, Voice of an Angel", is a picture of you sitting down, with your head "tilted to one side", photo by Ray Burmiston.   In all these years, nobody has looked at me that way, ever.  But that "picture" of you did.  Any one of these dreams, by themselves, do not carry a great deal of weight, except maybe the last one.  But with all of them combined, they send a very strong message.

                        The second dream came to me during 2001 but I forgot to write it down in my dream book, so I do not know the date.  In this dream you were staring at me with your eyes "wide open" in intense interest.  It was like you were fascinated but what I was doing.

                        The third dream came to me on November 18, 2001.  In this dream you were very upset with me and said "Don't you know who I am?"  When I woke up from that dream I thought, sure I know who you are.  So the point in the dream is that there was something else "besides" the obvious about you, that you were upset about.  I knew you were Charlotte Church but there was something else about you that I needed to know.

                        The fourth dream came to me on May 16, 2002.  In this dream, imagine a DARK BLUE background with your last CD (ENCHANTMENT) in the middle, that is in a "slot", so that only the top half is shown and the "playing side" facing you.  Blue is the color in dreams for awakening, learning something.  The darker the blue, the stronger the awakening.  With your CD in the middle of this dark blue background, it means that some of what you are singing on that CD was directed at me and that I had better wake up to that fact.

                      Many times I will wake up at night and you have been singing one of those songs to me while I am sleeping.  I usually do not remember which one it is.  But one night it definitely was Bali Ha'i.  Because the CD was in a slot with only half of it showing, means that one half of those songs were directed to ME!

                        Now, up to this point, I really did not completely know what was going on until I had the fifth dream.  This dream really shook me up.  In this dream, everything is silver.  You are a silver person and the background is silver.  Have you ever seen a child that is playing with a truck or an airplane and they blow through their lips making the sound of a motor?  BRRRR!

                        Or have you ever heard someone doing the same thing imitating the sounds that a horse makes, when they do this?  In this dream you were looking at me, doing this but making very little sound, very softly.  In dream symbology, this means "motor mouth", which means, I want  to talk, and talk, and talk to "you" a lot.  In the silver background you are also singing one of those songs from that last CD (Enchantment).  I do not know which song it was.

                         This last dream hit me hard.   I was told over forty years ago, I am 69 now, that all silver dreams are from Jehovih.  I did not spell His Name wrong.  You will have to read OAHSPE to understand this.  Anyway, silver dreams are from Jehovih, the Creator and showing you as silver person says you are a Faithist-In-Jehovih but you cannot realize this until you read OAHSPE.

                        All of these dreams mean that you are fascinated by what I am trying to do, you want to know as much as possible, and Jehovih wants us to work together on "something"

                       Now!  Let me qualify everything I have said so far.  I am not so "silly" as to believe that somehow, you have the power to personally "get into my dreams" and tell me all these things.   Before this letter came to you, you did not know me at all.  You have never heard of me before. So, I do not know for sure whether you want anything from me.

                        These dreams may be nothing more than a way to help me through a troublesome period in my life.  So, the ball in in your court now, and "you" will decide whether we have any relationship at all.  I just had to get this off my chest and say these things to you, JUST IN CASE  you really are interested in starting a dialog with me on whatever subject you want to.

                         Do not feel uncomfortable about my feelings toward you.  You are under NO obligation to "respond in anyway whatsoever" to those feelings.  O.K.?

                Nor should you let my feelings toward you "embarrass" you from starting a dialog on any other subject.  Because of what you did for me during my "year of hell", I cannot help feeling all this love for you.

                        If you do not seek my friendship, now or in the future, you will never hear from me again unless Jehovih tells me otherwise.  I have said what I have said and that is the end of it, "unless you respond".  I mean no harm to you and wish a great life.

                        Now, since I may never be able to communicate with you ever again, I must go on with information for you to help you go through life.  I will talk to you as a friend who wants to make sure that you do not step into some pitfalls.


                        If you do not eat a proper diet, you will eventually lose your great singing voice.  Junk food will eventually destroy not only your voice but also your body,  your mind and can adversely effect your spiritual self, which is your soul.  This subject is very complicated is specifics, but very simple in generalities.

                          Jehovih is your Creator.  He knows what is best for you.  Man is not your Creator and doesn't know "dittily pooh" about what is best for you.  Man puts all these ads in front of you and says "eat" because he wants your money.  He doesn't care whether it is good for you or not.  He just wants your money.  Man puts all those ads out there on things to drink.  He doesn't care if it is good for you or not, he just wants your money.

                          Since Jehovih is your Creator and He created you, He also created food that is good for you, as long as man doesn't "screw it up" because of his stupidity or just plain negligence.

                          For instance:  Jehovih gave man the ability  to grow tomatoes, which are good for you and they will be good for you, as long as they are grown organically, picked when ripe and kept under refrigeration until eaten.  If the tomato is picked before Jehovih "gets done with it" and it sits out on the window sill till it "ripens", it is not very good because somebody thought they were smarter than God and interfered with his "job".

                      What I have just told you here is one of the greatest secrets on health I have ever learned and applies to everything grown for food on this planet.

                         Now, if you take this tomato, drop it into a pot of water, and boil it, you will destroy some of the food value.  Does this make sense to cheat yourself of food value which your body needs?  Not hardly!  And this rule applies to ALMOST all food grown on this planet.

                        Now, let me tell you about a grain of wheat.  A grain of wheat is made up of  bran and the germ and the starchy part.  This is the way Jehovih made it and that is the way He wants man to eat it, as a WHOLE food and not separated and eaten any other way.  But man thinks he is so smart and has developed a milling process whereby he can separate these three parts of that grain of wheat and sell the different parts to you as some sort of food.

                        What happens here, is that the only way, that grain of wheat is good for you, is to eat it as a WHOLE food because Jehovih knows how to put the different parts together so that it will keep you healthy.  When you eat any wheat products that are NOT whole grain you are just asking for trouble sometime in the future because you have not eaten the food in the combination that Jehovih has created it.

                          This rule applies to all food grown on earth "as food for man".  Eat only whole foods.  Of course man must bake or cook grains because we are not horses.

              TO COOK OR NOT TO COOK

            This rule is very simple:  If any food grown by man,  can be eaten raw, it should be eaten raw, because the cooking process will destroy food value (nutrients) and fiber and the extent of destruction will depend on the cooking process.

                     Any food that man grows that "cannot" be eaten raw, must be prepared with some cooking process.
            TO MEAT OR NOT TO MEAT

                    This is a very touchy and complicated subject to the average person on earth.  I am a vegetarian and have been for about thirty years now.  I became a vegetarian after reading OAHSPE.  I am not going to tell you everything that Jehovih says about eating the "flesh of dead animals" because He does a better job than I can.  I will say this:  There is now a massive amount of scientific evidence that eating meat can cause many health problems, especially beef of any kind.

                   Fried meat and fried fish are very harmful.  Ocean sea food is preferable to inland waters because lakes and rivers tend toward more pollution by man. Even certain kinds of sea food is harmful.   There are numerous web sites where you can research this subject and find the right kind of sea food to eat.  Wild salmon is one of them.  Typing in words like fish, mercury, seafood, pollution, etc. at will give you plenty of links to read.


                 Charlotte, if you really want to serve your Creator, obey the first law.  Learn how to take care of your own physical body which is the temple of Your Living God. When you go into a store and see food prepared by man, does he really know more about what is good for you than God?  Did God make candy bars?  Did God make pop?  Did God make pizza?  Did God make hamburg's, ice cream,  donuts, pie, cake, cookies, pasta, potato chips, catsup, salad dressing, etc.?   No Way!

                    Any food made by man is "potentially hazardous" to your health and there are no exceptions.   I make salad dressing out of  low fat mayonnaise, mustard, orange juice and a little sugar.  Take a look at the label on the bottle of salad dressing. I have one in front of me.  Here are the ingredients:

                     Water, tomato paste, high fructose corn syrup, vinegar, corns syrup, salt, food starch, soybean oil, potassium sorbate, calcium disodium edta, dried onions, phosphoric acid, dried garlic, guar gum, xanthan gum, yellow 6, vitamin E acetate, red 40 and blue dye 1.

            GOOD GRIEF!!!!!!!

              Do you know what that combination will do to your body?   No?  I don't know either, because I do not know what some of that stuff is nor do I know what it does in my body.  But this I do know.  Most of that stuff is not NATURAL because God did not make it.  Whatever God makes is NATURAL, and whatever man makes is NOT natural, and that's all there is to it. I had a dream that said all of that salad dressing you see in stores was bad for people, and that is the reason I make my own.  I was told in a dream that low fat mayonnaise is O.K., plain mustard was very good too.

                   On top of all that, the man made stuff costs way too much for such a bad thing for you in the first place.  That is like adding insult to injury.  I have a book in front of me now entitled "A Quick Guide to Food Safety" by Robert Goodman.  If you would read that book about all of the additives these food companies put in the stuff they prepare, it would change your mind about buying almost ANYTHING prepared by man.

                  Have you ever seen onions or carrots or turnips sprout when kept for a long time in the refrigerator?    This obviously shows that they are still alive or they would not sprout.  It is important for us humans to eat only fruits and vegetables that are alive as much as we possibly can.  All fruits, vegetables and nuts should be harvested when ripe and stored properly, as soon as possible, to preserve nutrients.

Let me tell you a great secret.  As soon as you can, go outside on a moonless night, out in the country, where there are no city lights and look up in the sky.  What you will see are many stars.  All of these stars are really "suns", that are so many light years away, we can barely see them, as little points of light.

                     Around every one of these stars (really suns) are planets, just like our own earth and there are people living on these planets.  OAHSPE says that there are planets, in this great universe of ours, without number.  And it goes on forever, Charlotte.  There is no end to this Universe.

                     Forever you will live to grow and learn and experience life endlessly.  Oahspe says that you do not need any Savior to have eternal life.  That is what you were created for in the first place.

                     When you look up in the sky you will see our milky way.  What you are looking at is our galaxy.  Our galaxy is made up of 250 billion stars.  Our solar system is on the outer edge of our galaxy.  When you look at our Milky Way, you are looking toward the center of our galaxy.  Man now has been able to find, with telescopes, about 250 billion galaxies.  All of this is "inside of" Jehovih, Creator of the Universe.  If you can believe this before or after reading OAHSPE, you are a member of the greatest religion on earth and you are a Faithist-In-Jehovih.

                    Jehovih says that as far as He is concerned, there are only two kinds of people on earth.  We are either Faithist or we are Uzians (destroyers).  He considers Faithists His friends and He says that the Uzians are his enemies and because the Uzians do not believe in Him, their own Heavenly Father, they will go down in darkness and He will remove his Holy Angels from their presence.

                     And they will worship man-gods who have been at war against Him for thousands of years, and they shall revel is lust to their destruction and shall drink to drunkenness and they shall worship material things above the spiritual, and they shall marry for money's sake and for the sake of fame or social standing and their children will get involve is all kinds of drugs to the point of loosing all sense of rational thinking.

                      And they shall live out their lives in a state of dysfunction.  When they die and go into the spirit world, all manner of evil spirits will haunt them.  And, then, because they have no knowledge of their own Creator and all of the wonderful etherean worlds He has created for his children to enjoy forever, they will remain in the lower heavens near the earth for a time period.

                 They will then reincarnate themselves back into another body to repeat the process over and over and over, until finally they "get lucky" and eventually find out the truth about all these religions and get on the right track.  Reincarnation is like a squirrel in a  circular cage or like a dog chasing it's tail.   The Creator has created an unlimited number of etherean planets for us to live on forever where there are no problems at all. The only thing keeping you from them is the way you were raised.  You have been raised a Catholic who worships a man-god and until you free yourself form him, you will not qualify for these etherean worlds but be stuck here on planet earth for as long as it takes for you to face the truth about your beliefs.
            THE F------- T------- C------

                    This FTC does not stand for the Federal Trade Commission.  It is the initials of an organization that I am planning on launching as soon as I can get the foundation laid.   Because this name has yet to be Trade Marked, I will kept it to myself.

            Right now the FTC is only a "twinkle" in my eye but someday it will be the..............


            IF I SUCCEED!

Now I am going to get into an area of your life which is none of my business, and you can get upset with me if you want to.  You have helped me and now I want to warn you about the dangers of dating.  I am 69 years old and I have been through that stuff and the dangers of dating now are so much worse now than in my time, it is just plain shocking.

As a matter of fact, I am sure that it is far more dangerous that even what I AM AWARE OF. I am not going to bog you down with a bunch of specifics, but if you want to know how bad it is, type in "venereal diseases" at and start reading.  It will scare you straight Charlotte.

 I know you have heard it plenty of times, to save yourself  for your husband and you may get sick and tired of all that talk, but doing the opposite can wreck your life and your reputation.  The TABLOIDS have a ball messing up the lives of the rich and famous.  It is none of their business what you do with your life and it is none of mine either but, I love you and I do not want to see your life destroyed by these scum bag, muckraking, filthy publications.

 Now, I want to talk about booze.  Alcoholic beverages are O.K. under the proper conditions, used properly by a person who needs them.  Benefits can be derived from alcohol when used in the right way.  The problem is that very few people know what is best even for themselves, let alone someone else.  As a general rule, a little bit each day is helpful, too much is harmful.  Red wine is best for most people.

Now here is something most people are not even aware of.  I saw a TV program where an experiment was conducted on 5 men and 5 women to see who sobered up first, the men or the women, after letting them all get just plain drunk.  Every person had the same amount of alcohol. The men sobered up in HALF the time it took the women to sober up.  What does that tell you, Charlotte?

                    It should tell you this. First of all, anybody and everybody will do things under the influence of alcohol that they wouldn't dream of doing when just plain sober.  Every guy in this world knows plain well, that all he has to do, to take advantage of a girl, is to just get her to drinking.  Nothing to it.  And I have heard girls say the same thing.  They even admit to this truth.  I've heard girls say that when out with a guy, that they will just keep drinking till he looks cute.

                       The point is, that when you drink with a guy in a secluded place, you may have no intention of doing anything out of the ordinary, but he can drink you under the table every time and you will lose control of yourself.  If you do not want this to happen to you, don't walk into his trap.

                        Now here is something I have to say and you will not want to face it.  Because you are rich and famous,  it is going to be virtually impossible for you to find someone to marry who is "not" after your money.  Most people in your position, marry someone who has lots of money.  So this just becomes money marrying money.   Sometimes, becoming rich and famous can turn into a curse beyond your comprehension.  I am not trying to scare you, but only trying to warn you, so that you will avoid what is surely coming your way, if you do not do what Jehovah wants you to do.

                     Jehovih will tell you in OAHSPE what happens to people like you, when they die, if they do not do what they are suppose to do in their position.  I am not going to tell you this because He can tell it so much better.  As a matter of fact, everything I am telling you in this letter, that comes out of OAHSPE, is told much better in OAHSPE than I could ever tell it.  God says that you can know that He is God because of the way he "frames" His words.  What He means by that , is that He can "tell it better" than mortals like me.

                     In the process of talking to you about God and Jehovih, let me explain something.  Jehovih is the Creator of all the Universe.  Everything is inside of Him.  We "live" inside of Him.  We are like "tiny atoms" of His enormous body, which is "of course" Spiritual. We are a part of Him.  Do you really think that he wants a part of Himself burning in hell someplace.  That would hurt Him too.

                     Did you know that when you get a stomach ache, He hurts too.  Did you know that when your heart is breaking over some lost love, He hurts too?  If someone would rape you, He has been raped too.  I know what I am talking about, because when the pain in my feet got very severe, He told me he couldn't stand it anymore, and I had to do what He told me to do, in order to get better.

                   I have numerous examples in my own life that proved this to me.  He told me that He and I are like 3 in 1, where He is the super-conscious mind and I am the conscious mind, that is in a body until I die (leave my body and go home where I belong).  But I keep doing stuff He does not approve of because I am still dealing with this body I am living in right now.

                      Any person who tells you that he is god, and if you do not bow down and worship him, he will through you in hell, is not your Heavenly Father but a man-god who just wants to enslave you for his own evil purposes.   Read in OAHSPE what kind of a heaven these man-gods prepared for their worshippers before God threw them in hell, along with their worshippers   This will shock you.  They didn't have to stay there for very long.

                       When I talk to you about God, I am NOT talking about the Creator, Jehovih.  Any God, whether a man-god or a God (who is a worshipper of Jehovih), were at one time, way in the past, mortals on some planet, somewhere in the Universe.

                       You will, someday, far in the future, be a Goddess, and Jehovih will put you in charge of some planet as it's Goddess for a certain period of time.  During this time, you will be the Goddess over millions of angels trying to lift up the mortals on that planet.  The time period is two to three thousand years.  As a Goddess, you will be so high raised, that you will be able to, not only read the minds of every single person on that planet, you will be able to answer any prayer that you choose to.

                       But, most selfish prayers are ignored.  God ignores those who are just a bunch of "ass kissers", telling Him what a wonderful person He is, and such as that.  Don't you realize God knows who He is.  He doesn't need a bunch of mortals telling Him how great He is.  He is not "stupid" and does not need to be told anything by mortals.

                        As an illustration;  How would you feel if a bunch of people kept telling you how rich and famous you are.  You are not stupid either.  You already know this and you do not need a bunch of "ass kissers" telling you what you already know.   The only reason you would like a bunch of people telling you stuff like that, would be that you were a "egomaniac".

                      Back to this dating thing, I got a little off track.  I am a handwriting analyst.  This means that I can analyze handwriting to detect personality and character traits. I studied a course on this science way back in 1953.  I have an undergraduate certificate.  I did not go on to post grad.   Some people calls themselves Graphologist, and claim to do what I can do.  Those people are uninformed about the scientific way to do it.  The only scientific course dealing with handwriting analysis is  from the International Grapho-Analysis Society at

                       Now, the only little bit of handwriting that I have of yours is your signature from the little booklet in the CD, Voice of an Angel.  I am going to tell you what this signature tells me about you, but it isn't much to go on.  I need lots more than this to really do a good job.

                       First of all, the slant in this writing shows a person who has sympathetic feelings toward others.  It also shows that your feelings are deep and your experiences in life will stay with you for a long time.  If you lost a loved one, it would take a long time for you to get over it.  You are very good with colors and anything that pertains to quality.  You want quality in every aspect of you life and in those around you.  You are not about to hang around with trashy people either.  You want quality in your friends too.

                      You have a persistence that knows no end.  If you really want to accomplish something or get something in life, you will persist and persist and persist until you get what you want. Some people will call that stubbornness. There might be some of that in you too but I need more handwriting to verify that. A stubborn person is a person who will not face facts when they are right in front of them, like, someone tells him his house is on fire and they will not face it.

                    You have some suppressed desires and because  you have deep emotions, you had better be careful who you drink booze with.  Sober, you are in control.   Drunk, not at all, so be careful.  Besides that, you are very open minded.  If you are not careful, you could be just plain gullible.

                        When you add your deep feelings, your open mind, your sympathy toward others and your suppressed desires, you have a recipe for disaster in the hands of the wrong person.  Now........ I hope that you are not so morally depraved that you take this information and use it in REVERSE and go do exactly what I am warning you not to do.

                       Charlotte,  the world is full of people who, if I told them that celery would "turn them on", they would go out and stuff themselves full of celery. I have spent my entire life doing just the opposite.   Whenever I find out what turns me on, I will not eat it.  My dreams have told me everything that does this to me over the past forty years and I leave that stuff alone. My sex drive is normal enough without me turning it into a roaring monster.

                      Your handwriting also shows that you are quite careful what you say and how you say it.  When I saw that first video you sang in, I was impressed to no end, how well you conducted yourself.  You were practically the whole show.  You were the performer, the master of ceremonies, the comedian , the entertainer and if you had just moved your arms around to the musical score, you could have conducted the orchestra with your back to them.  And you are only thirteen years old.

                       Your handwriting also shows that you love to read and like to gain knowledge through reading.  There is something else I see here that I am not going to talk about because I need more handwriting to confirm what I see.  If you will send me more of your handwriting, I will tell you all that is there.  I need a minimum of a full page on unlined paper.  You must use your favorite writing pen or pencil to accurately measure the depth of your emotions.  It is best that I have handwriting from different periods of time.
              RICH AND FAMOUS

I am sorry I have to write this to you.  I feel really bad about it.  But if I do not tell you, then, when you die someday and have to face the life you have lived and have to face Jehovih, it will be better that you understand these things now and live your life properly so that when you do die, Jehovih can say to you, that "you have done well", and let you enjoy the great memories you have created by the life you have lived.

                        Life is like building a house of memories that we will live in after we die.  If we have done  good things,  then our memories will be good,  but if we have done bad things, it will be hell to have remember all the bad things we have done.  Build a beautiful house Charlotte, so that you will be proud of the life you have lived.

                     Every single person born into life is given certain talents by the Creator.  This is His gift to us.  What we do with these gifts, is our gift back to Him.  Jehovih has given you a gift of a "fine singing voice".  So far, you have worked hard to develop this talent and you have been encouraged and helped by your parents and other people along the way.  You did not do this alone Charlotte, you did have a lot of help and support.  Especially "a lot of love" from almost everyone who has touched your life.

                       As a result of all this, you have now made a lot of money.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to do a little math and come up with rough figures of your earnings.   On your web site, "Voice Of An Angel" and "Dream a Dream" (I love to hear you sing that song) sold over 7 million copies.  I do not know how much you received for each copy.  But, considering what they retail for, you must be getting  at least $1.00 for each copy. If you do not get at least that much, they are ripping you off.  That means $7 million gross and at least half that after taxes.  This does not include all copies sold since, and money from all other CD's, Videos, books, etc.  Without a doubt, Charlotte, you are a multi-millionaire and from the stand point of God, you aren't even dry behind the ears yet.

                       Now, hear this!!!   Since Jehovih "gave you that Gift" in the first place, how much of that money does He get?  Does this shock you?  Now before you loose all your common sense and give it to some charity to "salve" your conscience, you had better listen hard to what I am about to tell you.  Be sure that the people that you give this money to, are really doing what they say they do.   Every single bit of that money that you do not need to live a comfortable life of MODERATION, must be used to benefit other people.

                       If you do not do this, when you die, something very bad will happen to you.  Read OAHSPE and find out what that is.  If this scares the hell out of you, good!  Because then maybe you will make adjustments in your life and escape what will surely come your way, when you die, if you do nothing with that money but spend it on a ridiculous lavish lifestyle.  Believe me Charlotte, if Jehovih and I did not care about you, you would not be reading this now.

                       Now...I am not your conscience.  I am only telling you what OAHSPE says.  Your response might be, "I am not a Faithist, I am a Christian, I do not have to listen to your Jehovih or your God."   That's pretty good Charlotte, but there is a story in the New Testament about this rich man who would not help a poor man and he was in torments when he died.

                         I have never seen it fail.  The more the rich get, the more the rich want.  And then they will do the most asinine things imaginable,  like spend a million dollars on a stupid wedding where they marry some other rich person.   How could anybody be so stupid and heartless, to spend a million dollars on a wedding, when there are kids all over the world who do not ever have a pair of shoes to wear, or decent cloths to wear, or housing, or schooling and on and on.

                       I have seen pictures of those pitiful children in Afghanistan whose parents are dead and they have to go about and beg for food from strangers.  And who knows where they sleep at night and, GOD, how do they ever get through the winter.  Tears are running down my checks right now, and I can hardly see to type this.  If I had the power and resources I would lift those children right out of that evil place and care for them for the rest of my life.

                      Charlotte, I did not use an outline when I started this letter and I know that subject matter is "bopping around" all over the place, so bear with me and I will get through this eventually..  Also, sometimes, from a technical standpoint, I may be using Jehovih where I should say God and visa versa but when I say "god" with no capital letter, I mean a man-god and when I write God with a capital letter, I mean the God who works for Jehovih.

Charlotte, who makes vitamins and supplements?  Man or God?  I have had people tell me that I should take this vitamin or that vitamin or this supplement or that supplement.  If you will only eat a normal diet of whole foods, properly balanced, you do not need vitamins or supplements.  As a matter of fact, I consider them harmful because they are only "man made" concoctions.

                     People say they take this stuff because they want to be sure they are getting enough. They do not know what they are doing, and they are falling prey to people who just want their money.  The only reason I take vitamin D is because I was told to by God because I do not get enough sunshine, especially in the winter.

                      You are a very beautiful person, Charlotte.  How would you like to stay that way for the rest of your life.  I have not always lived the way I am living now. You are young.  If you start now and make the changes I took so long to make, you will remain beautiful and young all of your life.  I was reared just like all other kids, on an ordinary American diet. But over the years, because of the terrible colds and flu's I used to get and the terrible sicknesses my four children and ex-wife went through and because doctors about destroyed all of us on those antibiotics, I struck out on my own Charlotte, and started making changes in our diet on my own.

                         People look at me and cannot believe I am 69 years old.  Most people tell me I look about thirty five to forty.  Every once in awhile, I run into someone I used to work with and they will speak to me and I look at that person and I do not even recognize them, they have aged so much since I left that tech writers job about 21 years ago. And I feel bad that someone is saying hi and I have to say, I am sorry, I do not know who you are.  Talk about feeling stupid.  It's awfully embarrassing when that happens.

                I used to have a sister-in-law who was very irritated because I wouldn't age like everyone else.  My health is excellent except for the spine condition which has improved.  Many people ask me who my family doctor is and I tell them he "died" many years ago and I have had no reason to get another one yet.

                     If you started making changes in your diet now,  at so young an age, the benefits to you would be tremendous. Do you drink coffee?  Women should not drink coffee because it causes incontinence in a large number of them.  They then have to wear "diapers."

                      I am always getting updated scientific information on stuff like that on my computer and through the mail.

             I had two dreams last night which told me that I was supposed to make some changes in this letter to you, Charlotte.  So I did!  Someday I will tell you what they were.

To the right hand side of the building that I live in, there is an empty lot and when I look out my living room window I can see the lot and the house just beyond that. The other night I had a dream that three carloads of your closest relatives pulled up real slow into the driveway of that house next door.  They got out of the cars, a lot of them, and they started walking across the vacant lot right towards my apartment.  It did not scare me at all because they were just  v-e-r-y   c-u-r-i-o-u-s  about me.

              The sun was shinning which has a very high spiritual significance.  The cars that they drove up in were 1930's and a gray color which means their diet needed improving.  If those cars had been BLACK it would have been a bad omen.  Your relatives mean no harm to me at all.  They just wanted to check me out, see where I lived and how I live, so I am including some pictures of me, the building where I live and pictures from inside of my apartment and even the basement, which is a mess.

Once upon a time there was this beautiful maiden who was riding in a carriage alone with her driver and footman out in the countryside.

                   Suddenly she looked out her window and saw something move in the bushes along side of the road.  She told to her driver to stop.  She asked her driver to go see what it was that had moved in the bushes.

                   The driver went to check and came back to the carriage and told the maiden that there was a man in the bushes very badly wounded, unconscious with blood all over his cloths.  The maiden got out of the carriage and saw for herself that what the driver had said was true.

              She told the driver and footman to carry the man to her carriage and lay him in the seat across from hers.  Once this was done, she told her driver to hurry on home.  When they got to her home, she told the driver and footman to carry the man into her house and lay him on her bed.

              She told these men to help her remove all of his clothing just soaked with blood.  Once this was done they proceeded to wash off all the blood and under her directions began to dress the wounds using well known herbs to speed the healing.  Once this was done she had them help her remove the blood soaked blankets.  Then she cover the man up with sheets and blanket to keep him warm.

               Over the next couple of days the man was in and out of consciousness and when he did wake up for awhile she would give him water to drink and some broth to eat.  On the third day he was finally fully conscious and began to eat pretty good and talk to her.

              He told her that he had been passing through her area when he was attack by several men on horseback.  She wanted to know who he was and where he lived.  The man was reluctant to talk about that and so she didn't press the subject.

               After about a week he was up and about and said he had to be on his way.  He told her that he was very grateful for what she had done for him and that he would never forget her.  The maiden gave the man a satchel full of food and he left.

               Almost three years after that a beautiful carriage pulled up to her cottage and the driver got out and knocked at her door. When she opened the door and saw the carriage she was quite surprised.  The driver told her that he was there on a mission from the King of their country.  He told her that the King wanted to see her right away.  This scared her and she said, "Why does he want to see me?"  The driver said that he didn't know but that she should not be upset but to come with him right away.

              So she got into the carriage and they hurried on the Castle.  When they got to the Castle, the drawbridge was lowered and they went inside.  The driver led the maiden up to the King's chamber.  When she walked into his chamber she about fainted because the King was the man that she nursed back to health.

               The King told her not to be frightened, that he just wanted to talk to her.  He told her that their Kingdom was under attack from a neighboring Kingdom and he was desperate for help.  He told her that his wounded men were not being taken care of properly because none of the women there knew about the herbs that she knew so well.

                He asked her if she could stay there and train the other women in her nursing skills.  She said she would and the King  took her to the area where the wounded men were.  She showed the other women how dress the wounds and how to use herbs. Because of the maiden's help the men were able to be back on their feet a lot faster and they were able to drive the attackers out of their Kingdom.

                After the war was over the maiden was taken back to her cottage.  A few days later the King came riding up on horseback and knocked on her door.  She was surprised to see him.  He asked her if he could come inside to talk to her.  She said yes.  The King told her that he wanted to get to know her better because of all that had happened between them.  She told him that she wanted to get to know him better also.

               For the next several months they would visit each other and found out that they had a lot in common.  One day the King told her that he was tired of living alone and asked her to come live with him as his queen.  The maiden said that she would.

               So the King and Queen live together for many years.  Because the King was older that she was, he died first and she ruled the kingdom for the rest of her life.

                  Charlotte, almost everybody on this planet agrees that there is only one God.  If this is true, then why are there so many different religions that have been bickering and arguing and fighting with each other for the past several thousands of years?

                Have you ever read the Koran (Qur'an), the Islam Bible for the Muslims?  I have read it twice.  All the way through this Bible, Allah, this God of Islam warns all people that if they do not become Muslims before they die, they will burn in hell.

               Christ says the same thing.  If people do not bow down to Him, they go to hell.

               What is going on here?  What kind of a person would do that to anybody regardless of what they believe or what they have done?

                 Almost everybody will embrace the religion that they have been reared in. I was raised a Christian and therefore I was a Christian until I read Oahspe. If I had been raised a Muslim, I would be a Muslim.  Does that make the Muslim religion right?  Does it make the Christian religion right, just because a person was raised in it?  Yes it does, until each person finds something that they feel is better for them.   The same thing applies to diet.  The diet a person was raised in is the best diet for them and they should change as they see fit for themselves, in their own way.

                When I was about 12 years old, our family moved up north to live on a farm.  We would drive into town on Sunday to go to the Church of God.  I remember getting out of church and looking down the street to where the Catholic church was and thinking that those Catholics were sure wrong to have that religion.  I was raised a protestant and we always went to the Church of God.  I thought that I was right and everybody else was wrong about their religion.

                 When I was about sixteen, I read an article about these people who were all Christians but from different denominations of the Protestant belief.  I was really surprised  how differently these people interpreted the same Bible.  This really shook me out of my narrow-minded frame of mind.

                 From that day on I was on a quest which ended up with finding out some of the greatest secrets known and available to man on earth.  Actually, I did not know what I was looking for, just that I could not get enough of reading anything I could get my hands on relating to spiritual things.

                 My sisters would get really upset with me if I took an interest in something they didn't approve of.  I got interested in reincarnation and read some books on it.  One sister told me not to read that stuff because it wasn't in the Bible.  I told her that television wasn't in the Bible and she sure watched that.

                 But to make a long story short, when my ex-wife and I were married about five years, she brought home a copy of Fate magazine which has a lot of various spiritual articles and advertisements.  One was an advertisement for Oahspe.  I was curious about it and ordered one.  When I started reading it I had a dream that Oahspe was a bright light.

                Reading Oahspe was like going through a building, examining everything in each room.  As I went through room to room it just became more and more interesting as I went along. Oahspe answered every question I had been looking for in all the books I had ever read before.  Now I knew where all these religion got their start.  I knew what hell was and what heaven was.  I found out who the Creator really was.  I found out the difference between the Creator and God and Lord and saviors and angels, etc.

One time my mother told me to "never say never".  She told me that when she was a teenager she swore that there were three things that she would never do.

            1.  She would never be married in brown.
            2.  She would never marry a man who had been married before.
            3.  She would never marry a man with children.

            She did all three.  Then after she married my dad (with two little girls) who had lost his wife (because of sickness) she gave birth to me, my brother and then sister.
Now..........Because of the way my ex-wife treated me at the time of our divorce (1989), I swore that I would never, under any circumstance, ever give my heart to another female as long as I lived.  As a matter of fact, females have caused me much more trouble in my life, than men ever did.  My ex-wife was the one who divorced me.  I would never have divorced her.  I told her if she was going to do this, she was on her own.

                 I got no lawyer.  She did it all.  She told me to sign over the house to her, and I did.  She got the jeep and she let me have the old truck. I got my bedroom furniture, personal things and $2000.00 which was in a brokerage account.   I had problems with my legs at that time and could not work much at all.  I could have gotten alimony because of my condition but did not seek it.   She was earning over $20,000.00 a year.

              I started renting and doing odd jobs for my landlord and lived on about $250.00 a month until I went back to work in 1995.  My rent was $120.00 a month and my electricity was about $15.00 a month.  I had $144.00 a month coming in from a retirement pension and about $110.00 a month in food stamps.

                 I also managed apartments for my landlord.  In 1997, a black guy applied to rent apartment number 1.  I checked him out and he seemed O.K.  About two months after he move in, I came home from work at 11:00 PM to very loud music coming from apartment number 1.  I knocked at the door and  two young females opened the door and were barely covered with bath towels.  I told them to turn down the music.  They said O.K. and I went on into my apartment.  This was the start of one year of hell trying to deal with this problem.

                  These two girls, during almost a year, did everything imaginable to drive me crazy and did their best to get me involved with them sexually.  They pulled no punches and they said things to me and did things in front of me I won't even describe.  But, they didn't succeed and my landlord and I finally took them to court and had them evicted.

               I was able to insulate my self from all females from 1989 until I bought that first CD of you standing out in that field with the red coat on.  This whole experience has made me realize that I need someone in my life.  If not you then someone, somewhere, sometime.


I do not own domain name OAHSPE.COM.  It is owned by somebody who has chosen the very name of the Faithist Bible to attack the Faithist Bible and the Faithist religion and the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE, with a whole bunch of misconceptions.  Some day, when the time is right, I will find a proper response to this website and deal with it.
            TOUCHY STUFF

            What I am going to write to you about is going to be a sensitive subject especially since I am woefully uniformed about it and about which you know a lot.  The subject is about the songs that you sing and the ones you are planning to sing.

                  Charlotte. listen to me!    You have a very exquisite singing voice. You are not just some ordinary singer.  If you try to sing songs that are not you're style, they are going to fall flat.

                 You are not opera!!!   Not my understanding of opera.  You are not Italian, you are WELSH!   Because Jehovih had you born in that area means that the songs that you sing should primarily come from that area or songs of that same type.

                Charlotte!!!   When a person gets in an ad and sings the praises of this soap or that soap, that is an endorsement.  AND....any song that you sing, is the same thing, it is an endorsement of that song and.....this is very important.....the lyrics of that song and the message it imparts to the listener. So be careful of the songs you sing and the message it sends to the listener.

            Charlotte:  Donald.

            Donald:  Yes, Charlotte.

            Charlotte:  What about the money?

            Donald:  Well, like I have already said, I lived off of $250.00 a mon....

            Charlotte:  Donald!!!

            Donald:  Yes, Charlotte.

            Charlotte:  What about my money?

            Donald:  Well, I know you have a lot of money but...

            Charlotte:  Donald!!!

            Donald:  Yes, Charlotte.

            Charlotte:  Are you after my money?

               Donald:  Oh!  Now let me see, how I can answer that.  I am 69 years old.  When I was twelve years old my family moved from central America all the way up north and bought a farm.  From twelve through sixteen we lived on that farm.  During those years I worked like a man, with men, for four years, seven days a week, 365 days a year, with no vacations at all.  I got no allowance at all for myself, nothing.  I didn't miss it because I did not know what an allowance was.  During one year when we were struggling to make it, Dad would have me work at other farms and bring my earnings home to him. I got nothing for myself.

                During the rest of my life I have bought, renovated and  sold ten houses.  I have worked at painting, plumbing, cement work, roofing, electrician, aircraft mechanic, technical writer, janitor, mailman, salesman, soda jerk, office worker, fireman, policeman,  landlord, house sitter, apartment manager, crew chief, carpenter, farmer, grounds keeper, and other stuff I can't recall right off hand.

               All my life I have had to work for everything I have ever gotten.  So for me, to try to get some money from someone without earning it would be completely our of character.  When I earn money, it gives me a feeling of satisfaction.  If I were to get money for nothing, I would feel no sense of accomplishment and would feel just plain guilty about it.  I would lose a lot of self respect and I cannot put a price on self  respect.

            Charlotte:  Then you are definitely not after my money.

            Donald:   Definitely not after your money.

            Charlotte:  What if I wanted to give you some money right now, would you take it .

            Donald:  No!  There is no reason at all that I would take money from you or anyone else at this particular time.

            Charlotte:  Suppose I wanted to contribute to the organization you are wanting to start, the FTC.  Would you take money for that.?

            Donald:  No!  Not at this particular time unless we were married.

            Charlotte:  Why not?

            Donald:  Charlotte!

            Charlotte:  What, Donald?

                Donald:  Suppose you had been working on a project for many years and you'd had many setbacks.  But in spite of all your hardships you still kept trying.  And suppose, just as you were about to really take off and finally do this on "your own", someone came along and "did it for you".  This would rob you of your sense of accomplishment.  In other words Charlotte, I want to "sing down the phone!"

            Charlotte:  Are you a singer?

            Donald:  Yes, but not as well as you can.

            Charlotte:  What do you mean by "singing down the phone?" 

                Donald:    All your life you had been singing and maybe in the back of your mind you always had the ambition to perform in front of large audiences.  So when you were watching that TV show that was looking for talented children you called them up and "sang down the phone".   That act of making that phone call and singing for that producer catapulted you into instant stardom because that producer "knew what talent was" when he heard it.  I have been working on something for a long time and I am about  to "sing down that phone too".  I am about to finally get started on something that will dwarf all others who have ever tried to do what I am about to do.  I can't tell you what it is.  Will I succeed?  I do not know.

            Charlotte:  O.K.  What plans do you really have for the FTC?

                Donald:  The FTC will be a for-profit Faithist religious organization located in north central America.  It will be located on a very large tract of land for future expansion.  My first project will be to start selling Oahspe Bible's world wide.  The primary web site will be, which will eventually be an all-purpose portal for faithist all over the planet.  There will be e-mail, chat rooms, shopping areas and everything imaginable. 

                      When I was crawling on the floor in my apartment and listening to you singing "Just Wave Hello!", I said to myself, that if I ever get out of this mess and get the FTC started I want the "intro" to that web site to be Charlotte Church singing that song with Jehovih's signature RIGHT BESIDE YOU as the way to introduce the Creator of the Universe to every man, woman and child on this planet.   How would you like to do that Charlotte?  That website will probably last for thousands of years.  You would be singing to everybody who came to that web site, maybe till the end of this earth.  Think about that.

                I was told in a dream to hire teenagers in the area where I will launch this organization. I was told by God that there will be teenagers ready to come and work for me when and if I make it.

            Charlotte:  Will these teenagers have to convert to the Faithist religion to work for you?

            Donald:  No!  But they will be given a year to read Oahspe because I think they should know about the organization they work for.

            Charlotte:  That is a big book.

               Donald:  Just reading three pages a day, a person can easily finish that book in a year.

            Charlotte:  What will you do if they do not read the Oahspe in a year.

            Donald:  When they aren't looking I would tie their shoe laces together.

            Charlotte:  Come on Donald, get serious.  What will you do if they don't convert to the Faithist religion.

            Donald:  The Faithist religion is a lot different than all those other religions.  It is impossible to "convert" anyone into this religion any more than you can convert a person into being a doctor.  A person must do this on their own.  As long as they do their job and do not cause trouble concerning religious discussions. etc. I would not fire them. Eventually though, only Faithist will be working there.

            Charlotte:  What other plans do you have for the FTC?

            Donald:  Lots of videos.

            Charlotte:  You want to produce videos?

            Donald:  Yes.

            Charlotte:  What kind of videos?

            Donald:  Because of all of my own personal problems I have had with my teeth, health, spine, etc., I find that the average person is woefully uninformed in the ability to care for their own body and I want to make videos to remedy that.  I also have more books that I want to write. 

                   Charlotte:  You said I shouldn't sing opera.  What kinds of songs do you think I should sing?

            Donald:  In general, anything you want to, but in specifics, only those that you are especially suited for.  I may be wrong but this is what I think.  As a child you worked very hard on certain songs.  The way I see it, the first two CD's were songs you primarily grew up with and a part of your culture.  The celtic songs, the lullabies, and songs akin to these songs regardless of where they came from.

               Now, in your third CD (Enchantment), obvious changes in your interests are very obvious.  You are no longer a little girl, but a young woman and all that entails.
            What worries me is that you will go on with the dating scene and get involved with more earthy things and your songs will leave the celtic and lullaby type of songs behind.  Then you go into lower grade songs or go into movies and directors will, little by little (so you get used to it) cause you to start showing more and more skin and the movies get more and risqué and finally the world will praise you when you do your first nude scene.

                       If and when that happened to you, I will be so sick at heart I will have no way to express how I feel.  If you are not careful, Charlotte, you have now reached "your peak" in the spiritual level and from now on it will start to go down hill.

            Charlotte:  If I came to work with with you, what would you want me to do?

            Donald:  First of all, I want to be your husband, not your boss.  I am a very hard working person and I need someone who likes to keep busy like I do.  We would not get along if you just wanted to goof off.  If I was working on a project and you wanted to work with me, fine.  If you didn't, I would work alone or get a staff person to help me. I have an awfully lot to accomplish.

            Charlotte:  You said you wanted to be my husband.

            Donald:  Yes.

            Charlotte:  Don't you think you are a little too old for me?

            Donald:  No, I don't think you are too young for me.

            Charlotte:  That isn't what I said.

            Donald:  Charlotte!

            Charlotte:  Yes, Donald.

            Donald:  Charlotte, age is a number.

            Charlotte:  It's a lot more than that.  What will people think?

            Donald:  I would be marrying you, not people!

            Charlotte:  Well, what about dating and stuff like that.

            Donald:  Well, that would be pretty expensive to fly all the way over there to take you out on a date.

            Charlotte:  Donald.

            Donald:  Yes, Charlotte.

            Charlotte:  Have you done the math on your proposal?

            Donald:  What do you mean?

            Charlotte:  When you subtract 16 from 69, there is 53 years between our ages.  Have you lost your mind?

            Donald:  Yes Charlotte, I am crazy about you.

            Charlotte:  Honestly Donald, what possible constructive thing can possible come from a relationship between two people whose ages are so far apart.

            Donald:  Jehovih says that the best children ever produced on earth are between two people where there is an old man and a young girl.

            Charlotte:  Why?

            Donald:  Because of the way their sexual energy rises and falls during their lifetime.
            In the case of the male, his sexual energy starts out strong and tapers off as he gets older.  The female is different.  Her sexual energy starts out mild and builds up as she grows older to about middle age before she starts to taper off.  So when an older male mates with a young girl, both of their sexual energy is mild and the offspring are on a higher spiritual level because of the low level of sexual interest at conception.

                 This is also the reason Jehovih does not want a pregnant female to have sex.   When a man has sex with a female who is pregnant, the child FEELS the emotions that they feel and it's a bad influence on that unborn child.  I am not saying,  the unborn child feels exactly what the couple feels, but the unborn child feels "something" and that is the reason why Jehovih is against this.

            Charlotte:  What if I do not want to get pregnant?

            Donald:  I will always leave that decision up to you?

            Charlotte:  What about birth control?

            Donald:  What do you mean, what about it?

            Charlotte:  I am Catholic and the Pope says not to use birth control.

            Donald:  Charlotte.

            Charlotte:  Yes, Donald.

            Donald:  Is the Pope God?

               Charlotte:  No, but he is the head of the Catholic religion and I have to do what he says.

            Donald:  Does God tell the Pope what to tell Catholics?

            Charlotte:  I don't know whether He does or not but the Catholic religion says that the Pope is infallible.

            Donald:  Charlotte.

            Charlotte:  Yes, Donald.

            Donald: Do you know what infallible means?

            Charlotte:  Yes, it means that he is never wrong, that he is always right concerning morals and stuff like that.

                 Donald:  Do you like the idea that some man can tell you what is right and wrong for you?  Wouldn't you like to make your own decision concerning what is right and wrong for you?

            Charlotte:  Of course, but that is how I was raised and I cannot do anything about it.

            Donald:  O.K. So you have to do what THIS Pope tells you to do.  This Pope is ill and is soon to die.  There will then be another Pope.  The next Pope, because he is a different person than the present Pope will certainly makes changes in the Catholic church.  Does it mean that now you can make changes in your thinking or do you still have to obey the other Pope?

            Charlotte:  I would have to do what the new Pope tells me to do.

            Donald:  Have you ever heard of  Pope Urban the second?

            Charlotte:  No.

            Donald:  Pope Urban the second was  the Pope of the Catholic church back in the middle ages around 1000-1100 AD.   He was the Pope who stirred up the masses in Europe to march on Palestine (because the Muslims were trying to conquer all of Europe) and retake Jerusalem away from the Muslims.  Many thousands of people march across Europe to Palestine and attacked Jerusalem and slaughtered 10's of thousands of Muslim men, women, children and babies.

            Charlotte:  I didn't know about that.  

            Donald:  This is in all history books and many books have been written about  this.  It is called the Crusades.  Actually there were seven of these Crusades.  Did you know that the Pope who was in charge of the Catholic Church back in Hitler's time was "buddy buddy" with Hitler and fascism?

               Charlotte:  No I didn't.  What has this got to do with whether I should do or not do what the Pope tells me to do.

            Donald:  Charlotte.

            Charlotte:  What Donald?

            Donald:  You are a "tough nut to crack" Charlotte.

            Charlotte:  Donald, are you calling me a nut?

            Donald:  No Charlotte, I am not calling you a nut.  This is just an American expression that means, I am having a hard time getting a point through to you.

            Charlotte:  Just "what is your point" then.

            Donald:  When the Pope hands down any directives, do these directives come from God or from him?

               Charlotte:  I do not know.

            Donald:  If these directives come from God, should you obey them.

            Charlotte:  Yes.

            Donald:     If these directives come from the Pope, should you obey them?

            Charlotte:  Yes.

            Donald:  Charlotte, do you believe that God gave you free will.

            Charlotte:  Yes.

            Donald:     What is free will Charlotte?

            Charlotte:  It means that God has given me the right to make my own decisions.

            Donald:  Bravo! 

            Charlotte:  What do you mean by Bravo!

            Donald:  Because "what is free will?" answers your question "what is the point" I am getting at. If God has given you free will, you do not have to do anything, anybody tells you to do EVER and it doesn't matter who that person is.

            Charlotte:  If I do not do what the laws of this land tell me to do, I will be in big trouble.

            Donald:  That's true, but you still have a God given choice to obey those laws or not.  You still have free will.  If you do not do what your parents tell you to do you could upset them to the point where there is incompatibility between you and them, but you still have free will.   What do you think will happen to you if you do not do what the Pope tells you to do?

                Charlotte:  Well, if it is bad enough, I could get excommunicated from the church.

            Donald:  What do you think will happen to you if that happens?

            Charlotte:  I would probably have to go to Purgatory  when I die.

            Donald:  The Faithist religion believes in (and Oahspe tells) about Purgatory also.

            Charlotte:  Really?

            Donald:  Really, but Oahspe does not call it Purgatory.  Oahspe calls it the lower heavens.

            Charlotte:  Where are these lower heavens?

            Donald:  Right here on earth.

             Charlotte:  What do you mean, right here on earth?

            Donald:  I mean just that.  When a person dies and they do not believe that they will go to heaven, then when they die they stay right here on earth.

            Charlotte:  Right here on earth?

            Donald:  Right.

            Charlotte:  Does that mean that if I should I die I could stay right in my home with my parents?

            Donald:  That's right.

            Charlotte: Would I be able to see and hear my parents and everything that is going on?

            Donald:  You sure could.

                 Charlotte:  Isn't that as little like spying.

            Donald:  Well, you do not have to be there if you do not want to.

            Charlotte:  Can a person who is in these lower heavens see what is going on in the bathroom and bedroom.

            Donald:  Yes they can.

            Charlotte:  Good grief.

            Donald:  When a person dies they are called spirits or angels.

            Charlotte:  I thought angels were heavenly persons with wings.

            Donald:  That is a fairy tail.  Angels do not have wings.  Angels are persons who have died or children who have been aborted by their mothers.

                Charlotte:  Tell me more about the songs you think I should sing.

            Donald:  An exquisite voice should sing exquisite songs.  When you don't sing the right songs the proper vibrations are not there.  Those celtic songs and lullabies are without a doubt the most beautiful songs I have ever heard in my whole life.  Charlotte, in heaven, they do not sing pop songs or listen to rock music.  What I am about to say here is the truth because of what I have learned by reading Oahspe more times than I can count.  Those celtic songs and lullabies and some of the others would be songs that the angels would sing in the high heavens.

            You are, without a doubt a very special person to Jehovih or He would NEVER  had sent those two silver dreams to me.  I can only hope and pray that you believe this.

            I hope you believe this also, Charlotte.  You have no obligation to any Pope, priest, cardinal nor any other person on this planet that your "free will" does not give consent to.  All you have to do is read Oahspe  and you will know I am telling you the truth.  And that applies to any other person who reads these words of mine.

                 The FTC will be primarily dedicated to helping every person on this planet to learn how to make themselves into the best person that they are capable of being.

            And I have to "sing down the phone" to make the FTC a reality.

            Charlotte:  Seriously, if I came with you to help you found the FTC, what would you want me to do?

            Donald:  Whatever you wanted to do that was necessary to do.

            Charlotte:  For instance, what.

            Donald:  The first thing to do would be to move into the area where I would be looking for land.  We would rent a house.  We would buy everything necessary to set up the home.  Once this was done I would start contacting various realtors in the area and tell them I was looking for a large tract of land, preferably about a thousand acres.

            Charlotte:  A thousand acres?

            Donald:  I am looking many years in the future so that the FTC will have plenty of room for future expansion.  Once the land is purchased in cash......

            Charlotte:  In cash?

            Donald:  Right, that reduces overhead (expenses).  The next thing would be to have a permanent home built for us which would include extra rooms for close relatives or friends who might want to visit from time to time.  Once that was done we would move into the new home on the property

            Charlotte:  I noticed you said the property, not our property.  Are trying to pull a fast on me here.  I am not stupid.

             Donald:    Our marriage, if it happens, will have a prenuptial agreement between us that preserves your money as yours and my money as mine.  We would also draw up Living Wills and Durable Powers of Attorney between us so that a definite continuity of operations will be established.  All of this will be done in a way and manner which is agreeable to both of us.  I will own the FTC outright with you taking over upon my death.  When you die, ownership will be transferred to all those who are employees of the FTC at that time.

            The FTC will be a for-profit Religious Organization ............EMPLOYEE OWNED after you die.  It will never be turned into a public company.  It will never be owned by a single person or group of persons but totally owned by "all of the people" who are working there at the time of your death.

            Each person who works there, except non-Faithist, will be included in this ownership.
            No non-faithist will be able to accumulate any voting power or ever be part of the ownership of the FTC.  The details of the organizational structure has yet to be worked out.  I want to actually work with the people, in my employment, so that it will be set up properly.

              Charlotte:  What if some of my money contributes into going into buying the property?   In that case, why can't I be part owner.

            Donald:  Charlotte, try to understand this.  I have worked for over forty years for this dream to come true.  God and Justin and numerous angels have worked on this project along with Jehovih.  You have done nothing, as yet, on this project.  At this point, you have no right to own any part of it.  If you want to contribute money to the FTC, that is your choice, but it would be considered a donation, just like any other donation. Remember, you and I will be financially independent of each other.  Your taxes will be your taxes and my taxes will be my taxes.

            Charlotte:  What about all the food, utilities, property taxes, stuff like that?

            Donald;  I would take care of all of that.

            Charlotte:  What about my personal things like cloths shoes, etc.?

            Donald:  You would be responsible for all of your personal things.  When we have the house built, each of us will have a large room to our selves with a full small kitchen and full bath with shower, just like a small apartment.  Each of us will have our own computer, etc.

            Charlotte:  That sounds like a pretty good deal for me, financially.  What would you do if I just kept all my money to my self and did not contribute to the FTC?

            Donald:  Well, I would wait until you had gone shopping with your girl friends and...

            Charlotte:  ....and what!

            Donald:  I would go into your bedroom and....

            Charlotte: .....and What!!!!

            Donald:  ...I would go to your dresser and...

            Charlotte:  ...and WHAT????

            Donald:  ....and I would get all of your underwear and...

            Charlotte:  AND WHAT?!?!

            Donald:  ...hide every bit of it all over the house.

            Charlotte:  You better not!!!!  Would you really do that?

            Donald:  No, I was just pulling your leg.

            Charlotte:  I didn't feel anything.

            Donald:  That is just an expression that means, I was just kidding.

            Charlotte:  Oh!   Won't be sleeping together like other married people usually do?

            Donald:  Let me tell you a story.  When I first got married to my ex-wife of thirty years, we slept together and I did not sleep well at all because, being that close to her all night caused my testosterone to be too active.  So I told her we had to get separate beds because I was not getting enough sleep.  Guess what she said to me?

            Charlotte:  What?

            Donald:  She said:  Separate beds, separate rooms, separate houses.

            Charlotte:  Was she right?  Is that what caused your divorce?

            Donald:  Not at all.  That divorce was caused by something entirely different.

            Charlotte:  Do you think all married people should sleep in separate beds.

            Donald:   I personally think it is much better to do this but I would never tell any specific couple what to do.

            Charlotte:  Specifically, what kind of work would you want me to do when we get the land and home set up.

            Donald:  There will me a massive amount of work to do.  I want to plant an organic garden, an orchard with nut and fruit trees, various berry patches, etc.  I want to turn that land into a wild animal and bird paradise.

            Charlotte:  Wolves and bears and all that?

               Donald:  The animals would all be harmless to children who will someday be running all over that place.

            Charlotte:  Donald.

            Donald:  What Charlotte?

            Charlotte:  You are 69 years old.  You are too old to ever take on a project like that.

               Donald:  Until you come over here and sit down and talk with me, you cannot accurately assess my ability to handle anything I set my mind to.   Beside that Charlotte............





Charlotte:  Donald.

            Donald:  Yes Charlotte.

            Charlotte:  The amount of work that you have to do is massive.  Do you expect you and me to do all of it?

            Donald:  I am very flexible on how fast all of these things will be done and some of it could be hired out.  We will not work our selves senseless. What we will do will be in our own time and in our own way.

            Charlotte:  Donald.

            Donald:  Yes Charlotte.

                Charlotte:  I am a very wealthy person.  I am also an accomplished singer.  Why should I give up all of that just to do some physical labor?

            Donald:  You are a person with two arms and two legs, right?

            Charlotte:  Right.

            Donald:  Suppose that only one of those limbs, your right arm, functioned properly.
            Suppose that your left arm and both of your legs were deformed.  How would you feel about that?

            Charlotte:  That would be terrible.  I would be practically helpless.

            Donald:  Charlotte, your Creator gave you more than one talent.  To concentrate on only one of these talents will cause you to be deformed not only in spirit but also in your body.  It is very good for you to work hard, physically, once in awhile.


                Dear Charlotte:

                     I said something in Program One that was bad, not good, and I want to apologize for what I said.  I intended to scratch it out or delete it, but forgot to.  I get in my moods too.

                     This offending statement was where I said something to the effect that since God gave you your talent to sing, and you have all of this money, how much is His?

                     Now, in principle, I am definitely telling the truth, but it was the way I phrased it that was wrong.

                    You are already giving back and doing charitable things. Now!  This business about charity is complicated in specifics but simple in generalities.

                    The most charitable thing you can do is HELP THE HELPLESS!  That is one very good form of charity.

                Second:  If you give a man a fish, he can eat for a day.  If you give him a fishing pole, he can feed himself for a lifetime. That is a good form of charity.

                If you contribute to the education of anyone, like Elliot, this is good charity because with knowledge he can support himself when grown up and who knows what else he can do beside play cowboy.  I went through that stage too.

                If you are walking down the street and see a drunk in the gutter, and feel sorry for him, and give him money, he will spend it for booze and Jehovih will hold you responsible for contributing to his destruction.

                If you have 100,000 dollars, and you are good at investments, and with that money you can make a lot more money, and you give away all but 1,000 to charity, that is stupid. Even though you have helped people,  if you had gone ahead and invested  the whole 100,000, you could have helped many more people because you would have more money.  In a situation like this, you could give a certain percentage of your earnings.

                According to your book, Terry has put your money away till you are 21.  Terry is "one smart cookie", as we say over here.  You will be surprised how much smarter you will be at 21 than you will be at even 18.  I am 69 and what I have learned in the last year is shocking.

                Sometimes I'm a little "rough around the edges".  A lot of things I said about charity needs to be reworded.

                Charlotte:   Why can't I give you some money to help you with the FTC?

                Donald:  Because, I am not helpless. I want the satisfaction of doing it myself and I do not want people to say I depended on you to make it.

                Charlotte:  Well, I think you are just being stubborn and you should not care what people say.

                Donald:  I want you Charlotte, not your money.

                Charlotte:  If we get married, you would have access to all of my money.

                Donald:  If we do get married, there will be prenuptial agreements that says your money is yours and my money is mine and that way money does not mess up what could be a very good relationship between us.  If material things have nothing to do with our relationship, you then can easily walk away from our relationship and you should have that right because of the unusual age difference between us and because of the tremendous change you will be going through concerning religion, diet, lifestyle, new environment, work load , occupation, etc.

                Charlotte:  What if we have children and I want to leave you?

                Donald:  The only fair thing to do, in a situation like that, is to let each child make their own choice which parent they want to live with, without either parent putting any pressure on any child.

                Charlotte:  What if the child is too young to make such a decision.

                Donald:  In that case, the child stays with you.

                Charlotte:  Will I be singing at the FTC.

                Donald:  Yes, we will be cutting CD's together.

                Charlotte: Heh......just a minute here.  So, you think you are good enough to sing with me?

                Donald:  Of course I am.

                Charlotte:  And do you think we would sell a lot of CD's.

                Donald:  Let me put it this way.  I am good enough to sing with you and cut CD's with you but whether they would sell or not , I can't say.  I cannot judge my own singing ability from other people's standpoint.  You might not even like my singing.  We would just have to try it.  Beside that, I have ideas about how to enhance your singing career but I was told not to tell you this unless you came to work with us.

                I have one movie I want to make, where there would not be an acting part for you because the main female in that story is a "heavy" and I would never put you in that part.  In this movie you would be the lead angel, of a choir of angels, singing songs throughout the whole movie.  This movie takes place in heaven to show people what happened up there during a certain period  in history.

                Anyway, no matter what I say in this love letter to you, any of it is open to discussion and changes if you do not like what is said.  If you disagree with anything, we can talk about it.   If you think I have made mistakes you can voice your opinion and if you think I have contradicted myself at times, we can discuss that too.

                                                                                             Love you lots,


                P.S.  I will include this letter in my Program Two shipment to make sure you get it.  Program Two is typed and I plan on marking it up with pencil and shipping it



            A LOVE LETTER




Dear Charlotte:

                  What is happening to me concerning these letters is just as shocking to me, as it is to you.  I would never have taken on this project without all of those dreams urging me on.  I consider the chances of you ever wanting to marry me is about as remote as anything I can imagine and that's the truth.

                As far as marrying you, I would do that today because I know Jehovih knows what He is talking about when He would choose a wife and partner for me.  You may think I want you for your good looks and youth but believe me, with this computer I could fill my apartment with all the cute teenagers I could handle.  I don't want that.  I want you!

                You might think I want you for your money and that is not true, but if you, right now are ready to marry me, fine.  But there would be a prenuptial agreement so that I had no control of your money.  Then you would have to finance almost everything until I got going on my own business operation, O.K.?

                  This Love Letter to you is only one little project I have in mind right now, let alone all of the other ideas I have, plus ideas we will both come up with as we work together.  

                I have read your book, My Life So Far, well over four times and I know how your mind works by reading your book.  I am positive that we could really get along fine once we got past that initial awkward stage. 

                Anyway, as I said right from the beginning, you did not ask for any of this information and you are under no obligation to respond in anyway whatsoever.  Right now it has been almost a month and I just got my first return card back.  But this does not prove that you have this information.

                You cannot even get this information unless you or an agent of yours signs those return cards because everything I have sent has been registered.

                Because I did not know which one of those addresses was your correct fan club address at first, I sent two copies of  The Intro, (one to each address.)  Both of these were identical except for a  picture of me in the back of each copy.

                      As far as this information is concerned, don't feel that there is any PRESSURE from me to you, to read this in any certain time period, because there is no time period to read this stuff, O.K.?

                Now, concerning you and males.  I am being sent dreams about you and when these dreams come to me, I will tell you about them and you can do whatever you want to with them.  If I had your e-mail address I could get them to you right away.

                I had this dream on October 11, 2002:   You were sitting next to this guy at (I think at a table).  He was on your right hand side.  He put his left arm around your shoulders.  You had on a blue top, I think it was a sweater.  But the color of the top may not be as important as was the "feelings" you got.  You were aroused when he did this.

                Charlotte, as far as marrying me is concerned, all I am asking you to do is think about the possibility that we could really do a wonderful work for all humanity by working together as man and wife.  Choosing your husband will be the most important decision of your entire life.

                Some of the things I say to you in these letters and programs may appear contradictory to what I say at other times, but I may have changed my mind from one part to another or mis-worded things too.  All you need to do is ask and I will clear things up.

                I had a dream last night that there is a male in your life who is trying to force himself on you and you appear helpless because of his strength.  This is not actual rape but a raping by strong conversation, I think.  In the dream he grabs you around the waist and pulls you toward him and kisses you on the mouth.  You are like a helpless child in the hands of a giant.  Be careful of forceful men or men who know a lot more on a subject than you do and they are taking advantage of you.  Sometimes in dreams, kissing means talking real personal to someone.

                I had another dream where it seemed like a school setting and you were at a bus or some other vehicle and some guy across the street, about your age, was either teasing you or making fun of you for some reason.  The sun was shinning.  Seems like he had curly hair.

                I guess that is about all for now and here is Program Two.  Get ready for some really shocking information.  "I love you" and I am only trying to improve your life.

                Charlotte:  Aren't you getting a little ahead of things here, talking about marriage and all that stuff, when I haven't even called you or anything like that?

                Donald:  In one way of thinking, you are absolutely right, but this situation is quite different from usual relationships.  Here is why:

                    We do not have the ability, because of the distance between us, to meet and date like people do in normal relationships.

                   Our age difference makes this very unusual and I feel, needs a lot of straight forward, out front, open, "tell it like it is", plain talk openness.  I am telling you bluntly how I feel and what I want, so there is no messing around here at all on my part.

                      Now, you have to check all of this out and check me out, to see what you want to do about me and everything I have sent you.

                     I had another dream about you, about a month ago, that you were Mrs. Gibson or something like that.  I don't think it was Gilman, but maybe it was.  It showed, what you would look like at sixty years old, married to him.  You were quite fat and had aged considerably.  Your face looked like had been in a fire or damaged by the use of cosmetics.  Your left eye was shut because of blindness.


Dear Charlotte:

                        Here is Program Two in rough draft form with spelling mistakes and (in some cases) probably improper wording.  I was put between a "rock and a hard place" as we say over here, because I had to get this information out to you fast and also had to get busy with other things at the same time.

                       Then, I did something to completely delete a lot of information and will have to retype it all over again.  I did have a hard copy though and that sure helps a lot.  From now on the information will come a little slower and in smaller sections.  Don't get in a big "tizzy" over all of this stuff, just read it as you want to, and make changes in your life, as you want to.  You are the boss over that part of this process.

                      I say this to you because of a dream I had about you on Sunday, September 29, 2002.  This was a silver dream, meaning it was from Jehovih and that you are a Faithist.  It was raining and you had on a rain coat that had a hood and you had your head tilted down a little and you were sad.  I feel like crying just to see you like that!

                      Interpretation:  This could mean a lot of things.  It could mean that this will actually happen to you.  Symbolically, a rain coat could mean that you are starting to do things to preserve your health because of the information I have sent to you.  Rain means the cleansing power of getting rid of bad habits.  Being sad could mean that you will miss the old habits that have been with you so long.   You will be able to interpret this dream better than I can because you know what is going on and I do not.

                     I had another dream on the same night that indicates you want more pictures of me so I will get more to you. 

                     It is my feeling that you are, right now, at the peak of your "angel career" and from here on you may start to slide out of that part of your life.  Someone gave you the name "angel" and for the rest of your life, it will either "bless"  you or "curse" you because people will never forgive you, if you do not live up to what that name means to them.  You have already seen it happen to you over that napkin and tablespoon joke.

                To me, that was funny too and I would have taken it as a joke, but there are people out there who will do almost anything to knock you off your high perch, especially guys who would like to get a piece of the "angel" and you know what I am talking about especially the first one.  And don't think they will keep their mouths shut about it.  They will brag it all over the place, you can bet on that.

                Charlotte:  So what am I supposed to do Donald, lock myself in my room and throw away the key?

                Donald:  No!  But, as the saying goes, "forewarned is forearmed".  Just be careful!

                Use your brain and not your emotions to make decisions.

            Let me tell you something.

                Everyone of us has the power to influence other people, just as I am doing right now as I type this letter to you.  I have to be careful what I say to you and how I say it because Jehovih will hold me responsible for the effect it has on your life.  You have also had a tremendous influence on tens of thousands of lives Charlotte, and up to this point it has all been very good.  Why, in God's name would you ever want to throw all of that away to go do things that would be a detrimental influence on other people?

                Charlotte:  So, what could I do that would be a bad influence on other people?

                Donald:  Hanging around pubs is one, going to parties where booze is served is another, being an "easy mark" and a "loose goose", wearing T-shirts with provocative slogans on them and going into movies where there are bedroom scenes, love making, nudity and partial nudity and any story line where unseemly things go on.  These things do not fit the "angel theme"  that is YOUR LIFE (SO FAR).  Wearing sexy cloths is another way.

                Charlotte:  What influence have I had on your life so far?

                Donald:  The constructive influence you have had on my life is so tremendous, it actually embarrasses me to explain it all.  It's like, personal, you know?  It's like, you have been a best friend for almost two years and I haven't even talked to you yet.  I haven't even had an e-mail from you yet. It's been a fantasy friendship, a dream world friendship that has been terrific.

                When I read your book, which I have read four times now, it seems like you are just talking to only me. That is the way you make a reader feel. You make people feel like you are already best friends with them as they read your book.  I can sing now better than I have ever been able to sing in my whole life.  The whole experience is amazing.  I have created this fictional Charlotte who is "hard to convince" sometimes who loves to give me a hard time.

                I have had a lot of fun giving you this information and I just hope it will benefit your life and make a better person out of you.  A lot of people have written to you about the good you have done them in their lives. So imagine Charlotte, the thousands who didn't write, who have been helped by what you have done for them.  This is why it is insane for you to do anything in your life to destroy what other people think of you.

                Charlotte:  I think you are just saying all of this stuff just to get me for yourself.

                Donald:  Well, that is a crude way of saying that I love you and I want you to be my wife and to bear our children and produce educational material, to make videos and all of the other things we can do to help people.  Yes, I want you for a wife but if I can't have you that way, I still want you for a friend even if you go bad.  And I don't think you will now, not after all I have said to you and will say to you in the future.  No matter what you want to do in life, you can do it with me, in a much better way than with any other person on earth.

                Charlotte:  What if I say I will come and work with you but no marriage?

                Donald:  Then I would have to wear a special T-shirt.

                Charlotte;  What kind of special T-shirt?

                Donald:  One with a special message imprinted on the front of it.

                Charlotte:  So, what would this special message say?





                Charlotte:  Donald?

                Donald:  Yes, Charlotte.

                Charlotte:  I don't think you love me at all.

                Donald:  What makes you think that?

                Charlotte:  I don't think it is love you feel for me.

                Donald:  If it isn't love, then what is it?

                Charlotte:  Obsession!  I don't think you love me, I think you are obsessed with me.

                Donald:  Hmmmm!!!!  According to the dictionary an obsession is an idea, desire or emotion that one cannot get rid of by reasoning.  Well......I have reasoned with my feelings and ...............Hmmmm....Well, in the first place, I don't even want to get rid of my feelings for you.  I kinda like my love for you and so why should  I even want to get rid of it?

                Charlotte:  Whatever.

                Donald:  I have to tell you something Charlotte.

                Charlotte:  What, Donald?

                Donald:  This business about my singing, I may have given mixed signals about that in this letter to you.  Once I said that I could not sing.....well..... not like you, then I say I could cut CD's with you.  Here is what happened.  I did do some singing as a  teenager but after that I did very little over all of those years because I really didn't sound to me like I could sing very well.

                As you well know, if what you hear in your own ears is not good, you sure do not want to sing to other people.  That was the way I always felt about my singing, it just didn't sound very good to me.  But, about a week ago, this is Sept. 30, 2002, I decided to try to sing and see what it sounded like.  I did some singing and it was the same old thing, it just didn't sound right to me. I could sing all right, I could hit the notes o.k. but there was just something missing like always.

                The next day I tried again and it was as if someone had switched on something inside of me and after all of these years I actually liked what I sounded like.  The only thing I can figure is that I had not been breathing properly which I learned from reading your chapter "Singing with Lulu" or this experience with you has really done something for me along those lines.  Anyway I can sing the Star Spangled banner as good as anyone and hit the high notes too.

                      If you want to know what song, is my song to you, it is "Some Enchanted Evening."   When I was a teenager I loved that song more than any other song I have ever heard and all these years no one fit that song until you came into my life.

                By the way, you have two bad apples in the songs you have sung on your CD's and Video's.

                Charlotte: What do you mean, bad apples?

                Donald:  There are two songs that you sang that you definitely should not have sung.

                Charlotte:  Donald?

                Donald:  Yes, Charlotte.

                Charlotte:   How many years have you studied music?

                Donald:  Not much at all, really.

                Charlotte:  And how many years have I been singing and studying music?

                Donald:  Well, about 12 or 13 years.

                Charlotte:  So what makes you think you can judge the songs I sing at all then?

                Donald:  What about as a potential customer?

                Charlotte:  I give up, what were the bad apples?

                Donald:  Let tell you something, Charlotte.  First of all, there is never anything wrong with your singing.  Your singing is always just fine, but if you sing the wrong type song for you, it will fall flat, period.

                Charlotte, I have told you this before and I will tell you again, you have such a unique voice that you must sing unique songs or there is nothing but disharmony.  The bad apple in Enchantment is Habanera.  I cannot even stand to listen to it.  It just is not you....period.   It is one of those songs, where it sounds just fine, then it goes bad, then it sounds good, then bad, all the way through.  The accompaniment is the worst part of the whole song.  When you are singing with other people, in this song, it always sounded very good.   That song is just not you.

                On a scale of one to ten, here are the songs in Enchantment graded:

                1.  Tonight.....10

                2.   Carrickfergus......10 plus...................................................Tears!

                3.   Habanera.....five

                4.   Bali Ha'i....10

                5.   Papa Can You Hear Me....10

                6.   The Flower Duet...10 plus

                7.   The Little Horses...10

                8.    From My First Moment...10

                9.    The Water is Wide...10

                10.  Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man...10

                11.   The Laughing Song.....10

                12.   If I loved You......10 Plus

                13.   A Bit of Earth......10  Plus

                14.   Somewhere.....10 Plus

                15.   The Prayer.....10 Plus.....................Fantastic!

                When I listen to Carrickfergus while sitting down, I have no problem with that song, but when I lay down on the floor, with my face close to the player and listen to that song, tears stream down my face like a waterfall and I swim in a lake of my own tears.

                The performance that you and Josh did on "The Prayer" was like sunshine and flowers in springtime.  It's just beautiful!  I would love to sing and record that song with you Charlotte.

                As far as all of your other songs in the other CD's and videos, they are all 10's or 10 pluses except for "Amazing Grace"  in CD  "Voice of an Angel."  In this song you sing it well, but the song "Amazing Grace" does not fit in with all of the other songs on that CD and it also is not one or those unique songs that you must sing or it goes flat.  So, all of the songs you have sung so far are "great choices" except those two I have just told you about.  So, actually you have done very good in the choices of songs you have recorded so far.  As we say over here, you are batting almost 1000.

                Charlotte:  Do you really think you are good enough to cut CD's with me?

                Donald:  yes, oui, ja, ie, enh-enh, hai/e

                Charlotte:  Donald?

                Donald:  Yes, Charlotte:

                Charlotte:  Do you speak any foreign languages?

                Donald:  no, non, kein, ni, ka, iie

                Charlotte:  So where did you get those words?

                Donald:  I went down to the library and looked them up in dictionaries.
                I have to sum this information up or I will have to call this another program.
                If you do not change your ways, you are heading for a nervous breakdown and/or serious physical and mental problems.  I can't tell you what to do, but I can tell you what I THINK will improve your life considerably.

                1.  Cut down on caffeine as soon as possible.  Trying to stop "cold turkey" or suddenly is not too smart because you will get headaches from the withdrawal of that caffeine dependency. So taper off by drinking less tea and coffee from day to day until you drink a lot less.  I do drink some tea and coffee, but I do not drink anything with caffeine in it after noon, so that the effect of  the  caffeine is worn off, so I can sleep much better at night.

                Charlotte:  So what can I drink in place of tea and coffee?

                Donald:  I drink dandelion, red clover and milk thistle teas.  These are all healthy teas.  I use a level teaspoon of beet sugar and leave the tea bag in the cup all the time with the spoon holding the tea bag down.  I like the Dandelion tea best and it is a great replacement for coffee and is very good for the liver. Before you use any herb tea, e-mail me and I will research it for you.  I have gobs of herb information.  Drink orange juice and low sodium vegetable juice.  Even though I am not suppose to eat cooked vegetables, I was told that V-8 juice was great stuff.  How about some skim (low fat) milk?

                2.  Stop eating dead food as soon as possible.  Get away from dead animal food as much as possible.  Eat raw vegetables:  romaine lettuce, carrots, celery, radishes, cucumbers, broccoli, raw spinach, parsley, tomatoes, etc. in salads or dipped in vegetable dip.  I put cream cheese, a little water or milk in a blender, blend, then add chopped up onions.  Add onions after blending, not before.  I use that to dip vegetables in.  You could add other cheeses to flavor it too, like blue cheese.   You have to leave the cheese out of the refrigerator for awhile or put the package in hot water, to soften it so it will blend .

                Eat lots of raw fruit: berries, cherries, oranges, grapefruit, melons etc.  If you can get raw or roasted peanuts and you are not allergic to them, this is a wonderful source of protein.  A very good combination is a mix of 50% raisins and 50%  peanuts.

                3.  Get rid of every one of those "cuddly toys" right away.

                Charlotte:  Donald!!!!

                Donald:  What, Charlotte.

                Charlotte:  What is wrong with my "cuddly toys"?

                Donald:  If they are fuzzy things, they are full of microscopic little animals called dust mites that eat all kinds of microscopic stuff and they "poop" and these droppings can get in your lungs and cause you lots of problems.  Go to and click on animation's and you will see what I am talking about.

                4.  Throw all of your cosmetics in the trash and don't ever use that "GOOP" again unless it is for some photo shoot to go on a CD or something like that.

                5.  Throw away all shoes that cramp your feet in any way and all high heeled shoes.

                Charlotte, you have "way too much" abnormal, dead and fake stuff in your life. You need to put more...................

            LIFE IN YOUR LIFE!

                Get yourself a puppy, a kitten, a parakeet and especially a canary and put the canary in your bedroom on a tall cage near the window.  And, watch out for that guy with dark hair in that sports car.

                Charlotte:  Donald?

                Donald:  Yes Charlotte.

                Charlotte:  I think you are getting  a little bossy in your old age.

                Donald:  Charlotte?

                Charlotte:  Yes Donald.

                Donald:  If I see anything about to harm you in your life, I will try to help you.  I had a bad dream about you last night, Charlotte.  (Oct. 2, 2002)

                Charlotte:  What was it?

                Donald:  You drove up to see me in this sports car with some guy.  We talked for awhile, (don't know what we talked about) and you drove off with this guy.  You were asking each other about whether the other knew this song or that.  He was driving because it was his car.  He was not really interested in songs but had other intentions about you that were not good at all.  He had dark eyebrows, a smallish mouth and sort of pointed nose.  The dream was dark which meant that this was not a situation to be in.

                I had another dream about you that you had better start being a lot more careful what you put into your stomach.

                I had another dream about you last night that you were angry at me because I used too much symbolism.  The only thing I can figure out is that you "sometimes" do not like this fictional character of yourself I have created.

                I created this character of you as "hard to get alone with" and "hard to convince" because it would be presumptuous of me to create a fictional Charlotte that would just agree with everything I said.  This would make me egotistical and arrogant.  So I really don't have any choice in the matter.  And, I try to make it funny at times.

                In reality, I do not believe that you would be like this fictional character at all, so don't let it bother you.  If we end up working on this as a book someday, we can read through the whole thing and come up with a book that both of us agree on, O.K.?

                Charlotte, you are heading for a nervous system breakdown because of your caffeine consumption and lack of sleep.  It is just a matter of time, but it will happen.  When you combine the pressure you are under, lack of sleep, drugs like caffeine and alcohol in your system and a very bad diet, this is a disaster just waiting to happen.  Your mother is right, stay away from chocolate and get some sleep.

                Charlotte:  But I can't sleep.

                Donald:  I don't doubt that at all, with all that caffeine in you.   Caffeine fools the brain and tells it that you don't need sleep, when actually you do.  Sleep deprivation can adversely effect blood sugar levels too and every organ in your body.

                You keep claiming that you want things normal and then you go do so many abnormal things.   You are headed for trouble in many ways and I am here to make sure that nothing bad happens to you if you will just consider everything I will be telling you.

            I love you Charlotte.

                I will send more pictures when I can, but all the pictures and communication in the world cannot replace you coming over here so we can actually talk to one another in person.

                If you are who I think you are, one week talking to me and you would never want to leave a relationship with me.

                Charlotte:  What kind of relationship are you talking about?

                Donald:  That is up to you Charlotte, you already know what I want.

                Charlotte:  What was wrong with "Amazing Grace"?

                Donald:  Charlotte, there are classical religious songs and there are popular religious songs.  "Amazing Grace" is a pop religious song.

                Charlotte:  Oh!

                Donald:  Remember what your Bampy said about putting emotion into your songs?

                Charlotte:  Yes.

                Donald:  When you sing any song or play any part in a play or movie, you must feel what the person who wrote the song felt and you must feel what the person, you are trying to portray in any acting role, feels.  You must put yourself in the other person's shoes to be a great singer or  great actress.

                Charlotte:  Why do you think you have not aged like most other people do.

                Donald:  Several reasons.

                1.  When I was young, I would look at older people and I swore I would never age like they did.

                2.  I still think like a young person and I feel like a young person.

                3.   I started improving my diet many years ago and I have finally found the truth about how to eat a proper and normal diet.  Now, all you have to do is read what I have written and you have it too.

                Charlotte:  Have you had any more dreams about me.

                Donald:  No, but I wish I had your e-mail address so I could get them to you as soon as I dreamed them.  When I was crawling on the floor in my apartment last winter I wanted to be with you so bad, that if I had been a rich man I would have given you $100,000 just to spend one day talking with you.

                Charlotte:  Talking?

                Donald:  Talking.

            PROGRAM TWO


                Dear Charlotte:

                     A few "weeks" ago I decided to stop writing this letter to you because I felt that the chances of you ever wanting anything to do with me were so far out that I decided to just give up the whole idea.  I was going to delete all of it the next day.

                         When I went to bed that night I had a dream that I should keep on with the letter.  So the next day I did.

                          Then a few days ago when I had finished Program number one, approximately 40 pages, I "again" decided to stop this letter because I thought that there was no way you would even so much as e-mail me about all this.

                   After I had decided this, a man named Red came to the house looking for Joe.  Joe and he were outside talking for awhile and after Red left, Joe came to my apartment and said that Red had a tape about the Garden of Eden that he was going to bring over for us to listen to.  Joe very forcefully told me that he wanted me to listen to it too.  I told Joe that I already knew about that story.  Joe told me he wanted me to listen to it anyway because the Preacher on the tape had a new interpretation to it. I said I would listen to it "just to humor him".   Red said he'd bring the tape the next day.

                    That night I had a dream where I was living with this Christian family and they wanted me to watch a television program about the Garden of Eden.  So we all sat down in the living room and watched it.  It was a normal dream with a lot of light coming from the TV tube shinning on the floor.

                       The next day Red brought the tape over and Joe and I started to listen to it.  When the preacher came to the part about Adam needing "an help mate" Eve, I got pretty choked up because then I knew the dream was from God telling me "again" to get back at that letter to you.

                .   Always before it was "my" idea to marry you and now He says that is what He wants for us.  I can't believe this is happening to me.  I consider it unbelievable that this will all work out.  Why would you give up a career with" them" to have a career with "us"?

                The symbolism is crystal clear.  He wants us to have children that will be very high spiritually to carry on our work after we leave this earth.  My dreams are determined to make sure we have a close relationship.

                    I then decided to tell you the ideas I have about how you could enhance your career and  about certain songs to sing and changes in -----------------!!!!    I can't tell you the rest because that night God told me not to give this to you because it would only go to you if you came to work with us.

                        The next night I had this dream where you had decided  not to work with me and you had married someone else and the two of you were owners of a Pub.  We were friends and I would go visit you people once in awhile.

                   One night I went to visit you two and the sign had been removed from the Pub.  I went in and you were laid out in a casket.  I asked your husband what had happened and he said that some guy had come into the Pub and made a pass at you.  When you had rejected him he murdered you right there in the Pub.  Over your body was this Sword of Light.  Your body did not look like a normal body.  It look like a shadow of your body but fully formed like your real body. I left that room and went into another room and started talking to another guy about what had happened.

                    This might not be a bad dream at all but a good dream.  Death in dreams means a change that is usually constructive.  What this dream could means is this:  At a certain point in time, you have no intention of marrying me but we could still be friends.  You are married to your present situation right now.

                        What dies here is a bad part of you.  The dark part, the uneducated part concerning what I have been talking to you about.  The Sword of Light represents the truth I have given you and has gotten rid of some bad ideas you have been carrying around.

                        If my interpretation is wrong though, a more literal meaning is possible where you and booze and guys could cause some real trouble and this is something I have also warned you about.
                Charlotte:  What's the big idea of having all these dreams about me.

                Donald:  Hey!  God is running this show, not me!  How would you like to have God talk to you too?

                Charlotte:  That would be cool.

                Donald:  If  you marry me I will show you how.

                Charlotte:  That's not fair!

                Donald:  I will tell you later.



                 Donald:  Good Morning!

                Charlotte:  What do mean, good morning?

                Donald:  I just got up to get to this computer to tell you something.

                Charlotte:  What?

                Donald:  As I have told you, during my sleep, you are singing in my mind and when I wake up I can't recall the song you are singing.

                Charlotte:  And......

                Donald:  Well, when I woke up this morning I did remember which one it was.

                Charlotte:  Well.....which one was it!

                Donald:  Carrickfergus!   I have never heard that song before and because I am unfamiliar with it and because of your Welsh accent, it is hard to understand what you are saying.  The name does have the word Rick in it and that used to be my nick name.  God told me to keep on this letter to you and that I was "telling it as it is".

                Charlotte, I have heard the voice of God and His Holy Angels for over forty years.  Because of this talent, which God says is the "Pearl of Great Price" , I can also hear evil spirits and satan himself.

                Charlotte:  Donald!!!

                Donald:  What Charlotte?

                Charlotte:  Now you really are freaking me out.  What do you mean, you can hear satan.

                192.  Donald:  People think Satan is some character in this red suit with horns and is stoking the fires of hell.  This is fiction.

                Charlotte, life is as simple as this.

                THERE IS NOTHING ELSE.

                Think about what I just said.  The Creator came first and then He created everything else, so that tells it all. 

                Charlotte:  All right Donald, let's see if you can explain this.

                Donald:  What?

                Charlotte:  What about candy?

                Donald:  What about it?

                   Charlotte:  Well, if the Creator created everything, then He must have created candy and then,  by God I can eat all I want.  So there!!

                Donald:   Hmmmm!!   That is a good one Charlotte.  But you left out a very important detail here.

                Charlotte:  What?

                Donald:  Satan.

                Charlotte:  Good grief, what has satan got to do with candy.

                Donald:  Because, first there is the Creator, right?

                Charlotte:  Right.

                Donald:  Then there is all that He has been created, right?

                Charlotte:  Right.

                Donald:  The Creator has a "name" that He gives to all the human beings He has created.  Aside from the fact that He calls us Uzians or Faithists or the world's people, He also has a general term that applies to "all of us" regardless of race, religion or gender.

                Charlotte:  So....What is that name?

                Donald:  Satan.

                Charlotte:  That's not nice at all.  Why would the Creator call us satan.

                Donald:   There nothing at all bad about the name satan when you understand what it means.

                Charlotte:  So what does satan mean.

                Donald:  Satan means SELF!

                Charlotte:  I am never going to understand this stuff.

                Donald:  Charlotte, this is so simple, even one of your stuffed animals can understand it.

                Charlotte:  Yeah, right!!!

                Donald:  Anyway, the Creator has names for Himself and He has names for us.

                Charlotte:  So He calls Himself Jehovih and He calls me "self" or "satan".

                Donald:  Right.  The words self and satan are synonymous.  They mean the same thing.

                Charlotte:  I think I've got it now.  If I know that telling a lie is wrong, that is really Jehovih's will ,and if I go ahead and tell a lie, then I have done what self or satan wants.

                Donald:   That's right.

                    Charlotte:  So as I go through life I can either serve Him or myself (satan).

                Donald:  That's it.  And when you serve yourself you are serving satan.

                Charlotte:   How can I know the difference between my will and God's will.

                Donald:  Unless you can hear the voice of God, it is impossible to be sure, so all you can do is live the best you know how and don't worry about it.  Don't try to be perfect,  because you never will be perfect, and you can drive your self crazy, trying to be perfect.

                Charlotte:  O.K.  Let's get back to this candy thing.

                Donald:  Who made candy?

                Charlotte:  People.  But also you said that there is the Creator and His creation and that is all there is to it.

                Donald:  That's right.  In a manner of speaking.  Let me put it this way.  Jehovih created you, right?

                Charlotte:  Right.

                Donald:  So, one day you decide to go into the kitchen to make some candy.  You get out the sugar and put a cupful into a cooking pan.  You pour in some water.  You put in some food coloring.  And then you turn up the heat and start it to boil.   You let it boil and boil and boil.

                        As you stir this boiling sugary mixture it will slowly start to thicken and become a syrup.  You let it boil on and then you get a glass of cold water.  You dip a spoon into the mixture and let a little bit drip off into this glass of water.  If the syrup mixture dissipates and disappears into the water, then you need to boil this mixture longer.

                     You keep boiling this stuff "up to the point" that when you drop a little into the water, the drop stays together and does not disappear.  At this point you can turn off the heat and after it cools a little, pour this mixture onto a flat cookie sheet.  When it cools down completely, it will harden into candy.  So who made the candy?

                Charlotte:  I did.

                Donald:  Not by yourself, you didn't.

                Charlotte:  Donald!!!

                Donald:  What Charlotte.

                Charlotte:  I was in that kitchen all by myself, and that's all there is to it.  Nobody else was there...period.

                Donald:  Charlotte.

                Charlotte:  Yes, Donald.

                Donald:  What about Jehovih?

                   Charlotte:  What about Him?

                Donald:  We live inside of Him Charlotte.  He is there too.

                Charlotte:  O.K.  I can see that.  But I still made the candy.

                Donald:    Well, sort of.  You "decided" to make the candy.  Your free will chose to make the candy..  Your thinking processes put it all together.
                But, where did the knowledge come from to make the candy.

                Charlotte:  From a cook book.

                Donald:     Where did the author of this cook book get the information?

                Charlotte:     I don't know, maybe from her mother.

                Donald:  Then where did her mother get it?

                   Charlotte: Donald!!  What are you getting at.  Get to the point.

                Donald:      Jehovih is the Creator, right?

                Charlotte:  Right.

                Donald:     And when we are born,  how much do we know?

                Charlotte:   Nothing.

                Donald:   And as we grow up, who do we learn from?

                Charlotte:     Everybody that we come into contact with as we grow up.
                But Jehovih could not have created mankind as little babies in the first place because babies need adults to take care of them. So did He create adults in the first place like the story of Adam and Eve?

                Donald:  That is right.  The first men (and women) created on earth were called Adam or Asu.  Jehovih created many of them, male and female, all around the world.

                Charlotte:  So, how smart were they.

                Donald:   No smarter than an animal.  They lived like animals and died like animals and did not have eternal life.

                Charlotte:  That is sad, Donald, why did Jehovih do this?

                Donald:  I do not know, Charlotte.  This went on for a long time.  Someday we will know why, but not now.

                Charlotte:  So, what happened next?

                Donald:  Throughout all of this universe, there are countless worlds, where humans of some sort, live on.   Many humans who were the victims of abortions and premature deaths have never had a chance to live any of their lives in a physical body which is imperative to fully develop.

                At this time Jehovih will call out to these spirits or angels and have them come and help teach Adam/Asu to come down out of the trees and out of the holes in the ground and by inspiration teach them all kinds of things.  Many times Jehovih will tell these spirits how to solve problems that they run into.  All of these spirits can easily hear Jehovih's voice.

                These spirits are so smart that they can create physical bodies of their own.  That way Adam/Asu can see them. Jehovih warns these spirits not to breed with Adam/Asu because when they get involved with them sexually, they will "die" and, lose their awareness with the spiritual realm, as long as they continue this sexual activity.  Not only that, the offspring will be their children and because of the love they will have for them, they will be earth bound until they have raised their children up to a high enough level that they can function on their own.

                    Most of these spirits could not resist this impulse and did breed with Adam/Asu.  Because of the combination of "spirits breeding with Adam/Asu", a new race was born on earth called "man".  Because the spirits believed in Jehovih and eternally life, belief in this was passed on to man and he became capable of eternally life.  Jehovih knew full well that this would happen and that is why He did this in the first place.

                Charlotte:     So, getting back to candy.  The knowledge to make that candy, ( how to boil water, make a fire, how to get sugar, how to make food coloring, had to sometime, somewhere, in the past, come from Jehovih because ALL KNOWLEDGE comes from Him in the first place.

                Donald:  That is right.  But Jehovih had even more to do with making that candy than this.

                Charlotte:  Like what?

                Donald:  Who made your body Charlotte.

                   Charlotte:  Well, my mother was impregnated by male sperm and it traveled up to fertilize one of her eggs, which created an embryo and then the process of gestation took place, forming my body and then because I refused to do things the normal way,  Ugh!,  the doctors had to perform a C-section to get me out.

                Donald:  Why didn't you want to be born the normal way?

                Charlotte:  Because it would "squish"  up my pretty face.

                Donald:  You are just kidding, right?  I mean, as a fetus, you wouldn't know what a face was.

                Charlotte:  Yes, I was just kidding.  Would you really like to know happened.

                Donald:  Yes!

                    Charlotte:  Well, as a fetus in a womb, I certainly was aware that I was  there,  but I did not know where "there" was.  It is one of those things where I can hear muffled sounds in my ears but I do not even know what sounds were.  There was this constant  thump-thump-thump sound that goes on constantly.  Sometimes there was movement but I did not know  what movement was,  so I just did a lot of sleeping.  Then,  good God......

                Donald:  What?

                Charlotte:  Well, all I know is that something strange was going on and I did not like it at all.

                Donald:  Like, what strange thing?

                Charlotte:  Well, all I knew was that some force was pushing my head against something hard and it hurt.

                Donald:  Really?

                  Charlotte:  Really!!!  And so I naturally put my hands over my head and "pushed back" as hard as my little arms could push.

                Donald:  Did you get tired?

                Charlotte:  Yes!  It was a good thing that the pressure let up a little once in awhile so I could rest.  Then it would start up again and I had to do that all over again.  This went on for what seemed forever.  I was so scared.  I was so tired.  I was crying most of the time.  Then........

                Donald:  Then what ?

                Charlotte:  Then, I guess I just blacked out and the next thing I remember I was surrounded by these big things (I didn't know what they were) and this stuff that hurt my eyes.

                Donald:  You must have  been seeing doctors, nurses and lots of light.

                Charlotte:  Yes, and it was cold too.

                Donald:  Imagine how it must feel to have an abortionist doctor rip you out of there with one of his deadly instruments.

                Charlotte:  Donald.

                Donald:  Yes, Charlotte.

                Charlotte:  I don't even want to think about it.

                Donald:  Let's get back to this candy thing.

                Charlotte:  O.K.

                Donald:  We have covered the fact that using your free will, your own mind, your thinking SELF, you went into a kitchen to make candy, right?

                Charlotte:  Right.

                Donald:  The knowledge that you used , we have shown,  had to come from the Creator "originally" because we humans are just plain stupid until we learn things from someone else and since Jehovih created all of us, the only source of the original knowledge,  HAD TO COME FROM HIM.

                Charlotte:  Makes sense to me except this:  what about people who get ideas right out of the air, have inspirations, get ideas that are completely independent from any other source visible to them?

                Donald:  Inspirations can come from Jehovih, God, a Lord, an angel or a spirit.  Now, what about your arms and legs needed to make this candy?

                Charlotte:  What about them?

                Donald:  Can you move your arms and legs to make candy?

                Charlotte:   Of course.

                Donald:  No you cannot!!

                Charlotte:  Donald.

                Donald:  Yes, Charlotte.

                Charlotte:  We have been through this kind of process before and I know you have some sort of trick in mind.

                Donald:  It's no trick.  Jehovih created your physical body and at conception He  created  you too.

                Charlotte:  What do you mean He created me TOO. I thought I was the body.

                   Donald:  No Charlotte, you are a living spirit INSIDE  a body that you will stay in until you die (get out of your body).

                Charlotte:  Will I have a spiritual body when I get out of my physical body.

                Donald:  Yes.

                Charlotte:    Can spirits in spiritual bodies touch and feel other spirits in spiritual bodies.

                Donald:  Yes.

                Charlotte:  Do these spirits ever.............

                   Donald:    Let's get back to this candy thing.  You cannot move your arms at all.  You cannot move your legs at all.  All you can do is use your free will to CHOOSE to do these things.  Jehovih is the POWER behind everything. You decided to do something and He is the power to make it happen.  I know that it is a hard concept to accept, but it is true.

                So, to sum up  this candy thing.

                  1.    You used your mind,  your free will, your thoughts, your mental energy, your own decision,  to make candy.

                 2.      The knowledge and information to make that candy came from  Jehovih originally.

                  3.     You were not the "power" behind any movement whatsoever when you made that candy.  All you did was "decide" to do those things and Jehovih was the POWER to accomplish it.

                So, all you have, that is really yours, is your mind.   That is your independent awareness which will grow and develop forever.  With this mind of yours you will someday be able to do everything Jehovih does EXCEPT create other "spirit souls."   Jehovih gave you your mind and He will always let you make your own decisions.   Do you want to know what will destroy your mental health Charlotte?

                Charlotte:  Yes.

                Donald:   Candy!!!

                Charlotte:  Candy???

                Donald:  Yes, candy and all sugars used in excess.

                Charlotte:  What about using artificial sweeteners.

                Donald:  That could be worse.

                Charlotte:  Donald.

                Donald:  Yes. Charlotte.

                Charlotte:  I think I might have a problem.

                Donald:  Like what?

                Charlotte:  I eat candy like crazy sometimes.

                Donald:  It is possible that you have hypoglycemia or you are border line diabetic.  Go to your family physician and have your blood sugar checked.

                Charlotte:  O.K.     Uh...Donald.

                Donald:  Yes, Charlotte.

                Charlotte:  I have noticed that you are putting these numbers every so often in this letter.  What do you think you are doing, writing a Bible?


                (I do this on rough drafts only.
                I mailed all of that to CC in the fall of 2002.)

                Donald:  No, I am not trying to write a Bible.  I put those numbers there as reference numbers so it's easier to find out where I am in each program.

                Concerning bibles:   God, Jehovih's Son has abolished all bibles on the face of this planet except Oahspe, and that includes the Catholic bible too.  Jehovih is sick and tired of so many of these different religions. Jehovih wants everyone on this planet to be Faithists.  If there is anything on this planet that God hates, it is all these religious leaders who claim to be "men of god" and that they speak for Him.

                 They do not speak for Him at all.  They speak for themselves, to run their own "religion store" they call a church, a temple, a synagogue or whatever.  Some of these religious leaders running these organization are multimillionaires taking advantage of people's complete ignorance about the truth concerning religion.  All they have to do is read Oahspe and they will be free from these people who are just taking advantage of them.

                He considers the Pope of the Catholic Church the worst one of them all.  He says that the Pope is nothing but a man-god who claims infallibility.  Any person on this planet who claims infallibility concerning morals, doctrine, etc. is a false-god.

                Charlotte:  What is the truth about all of these bibles?

                Donald:  All bibles have been written by men who were inspired by some spiritual source such as a God, Lord, or angel.  Angels are just spirits who were once on earth as humans.  The same thing goes for Lords and Gods.

                All of these bibles have been written from these spiritual sources either about Jehovih or some man-god..  All of them have been corrupted down through the ages by men because all were copied by scribes who made mistakes or made changes deliberately.  So, none of these bibles on earth today are reliable.

                Even Oahspe, the latest of all of theses bibles, is not perfect and even says so right in Oahspe.   Oahspe was written by God Himself but there are errors in it too.

                Charlotte:  Why would God allow Oahspe to be imperfect?

                Donald:  All bibles were never written to be a substitute for a person's own conscience except those written by false gods.  All bibles authorized by Jehovih were designed by Jehovih to be an ideal way that man was supposed to work toward.  He knows full well that man cannot "suddenly" be grade 99.  Jehovih can't possibly have a bible written that would apply to every person on this planet because every person is different and every person is constantly in a state of change depending on what they do with their lives.  That is the treason why our conscience is the only god we ever have to obey.


                Charlotte:  What, Donald.

                Donald:  Will you do me a favor if you ever see the Pope again?

                Charlotte:  That depends on what you want?

                Donald:  Ask him if that "funky" hat he wears makes him any smarter. And tell him that those Cardinals of his have no right to wear a "red hat without a brim".    That is a Faithist Hat and this is why.

                Zarathustra was one of Jehovih's Great Leaders Forth.  He was a Persian lawgiver who lived in the cycle of Fragapatti, an Etherean God who is many thousands of years old.  See Charlotte, I am not so old.

                Zarathustra lived on earth over eight thousand years ago, long before Jesus Christ.   This is the farthest back of all historical characters.  I am shocked that when doing research, that many times his name is sometimes spelled right instead of "Zoraaster".

                Zarathustra went about telling people about the Creator, Jehovih and ended up being harassed by the local king.  Zarathustra was eventually thrown into a lions den and devoured by lions.  The hat that he was wearing did not have a brim and blood got all over it.  So today, any red hat without a brim is sacred to all Faithist

                Now, I am going to talk about your book "My Life So Far".

                   The picture on the cover of that book is the one that really got to me.  As I looked at that picture, I would have given anything to have been the person who had taken that picture and when I was done, I would have laid down that camera, walked over to you, put my arms around you and never let you go.

                That is the person I fell in love with.  Charlotte, if I had been walking downtown here in Battle Creek, and you were a street walker, a prostitute, and I saw you there, it would have been the same thing.  I would have taken you home with me.  I would have given you money, not for sex, but to spend some time with me and finding out if we had enough in common to share a life together.  It was "you" I fell for.  Not your fame.  Not your singing.   Not your money. Just you. Honest.

                    Your book starts out Christmas 2000.  Christmas of 2000 was the beginning of many months of trouble for me.  I had left my job on November fourth of that year because of pains to my legs.

                    On page x and xi you said something that really got to me.  You wrote that faith wasn't necessarily being Catholic, that this sort of thing is private and that you do believe in something.

                     I sure hope that what I have written to you in these letters has given you more than just "something" to believe in.

                     On page xiii you said that you loved make up.  When I wrote the essay on "The Fake Female", I was not talking about you.  But I still stand my ground on cosmetics.  You will have to read the medical information I sent to you to know the truth about that stuff.  Remember, if I ever upset you when "telling it as it is" you can always come over and stand on my toes "with both feet."

                    On page xiv you wrote that your Mum said you could stop working if you wanted to but you said you didn't want to stop working.

                     Wise choice Charlotte!!   Have you ever heard of  "arrested  development?"   Arrested development is where something causes a person to discontinue to grow, learn, advance, etc.

                       This happens a lot to people who win the lottery or get rich in other ways.  This sudden influx of money makes them think that they have it made and no longer have to struggle to earn a living.  What builds character and is exercise for the soul is a never ending series of challenges.  Adversity builds character while wealth sends a person down in declension.  This money should cause you  to realize that this has given you a great opportunity to do some really good things for other people. But, there is a right and wrong way to help people.   In Oahspe, God tells us what is charity and what is not.

                 There are times in this book when you show more maturity and wisdom than is ever found in a fourteen year old girl. On page xvi you wrote that after a day of everything you go through you are just a fourteen year old girl who is just trying to figure out what all of this means.

                Charlotte, that  kind of "humility" and "reality facing" is just plain shocking for someone your age to say.

                On page 1 you wrote that everyone in your family calls you Charl.  I tried that in my head to see if it fit for me and  it didn't because I am not family.  Besides that, I fell for Charlotte, not Charl.

                On pages two, three and four your Mum tells about your difficult birth.  By the time I got to the end of that story, I was teary eyed.  Charlotte, I may have missed it somehow, but I didn't see any mention of your biological  father.  So, I want to tell you that Jehovih says in Oahspe that there are no bastards born on earth as far as He is concerned.

                Preachers, and bishops, and cardinals and Popes and Rabbis and all of those religious leaders mean NOTHING to Jehovih or God.  Jehovih and God have no RULES about being married by these guys.  They are just BUSINESS MEN selling their brand of religion and taking your money so they do not have to go to work like everybody else.  Then they try to scare you with this threat of hell if you do not go along with them.
                On page 7 you write that you love history, especially ancient history.  Oahspe is the greatest history book of all time. Here is what the title page says:


                O A H S P E

                NEW BIBLE

                IN THE

                WORDS OF JEHOVIH

                AND HIS

                ANGEL EMBASSADORS.

                A SACRED HISTORY








                   On page 11 you write about "makeup".    You say natural is the best for you.  I agree with you on that, and natural is just "no makeup at all", just the way God created you.  God did not create makeup, Charlotte. Man makes that stuff and all they want is your money.

                Makeup can make you age a lot faster.  Besides that, makeup has chemicals in them that is absorbed into the skin and blood stream and can cause birth defects, asthma, migraine headaches, cancer, allergies, etc.

                The average woman "eats" four pounds of lipstick in her lifetime licking her lips that have lipstick on them.

                Besides that, if I ever kiss a female on the lips, I do NOT want anything between my lips and hers.  That's natural not that other stuff.

                There is a book out on this subject named "Drop-Dead Gorgeous" (Protecting Yourself From the Hidden Dangers of Cosmetics)   by Kim Erickson.

                On page 66--- You  wrote that Nan would have liked it if you went to church more often and that you did believe in God.  Then you said something which sent me to the "door of your life: "You said that you wanted to know about other religions and wanted to know about reincarnation and karma which really fascinated you.

                Oahspe is the best source for all information on all the major religions on earth including reincarnation, karma and all the rest.  Jehovih and God and His Holy Angels tell it all.  A great deal of the information comes from the libraries of Heaven.

                           Basically Karma is based on the principle of  "doing to others what you want them to do back to you"

                If you want people to smile at you, then smile at them.

                If you want people to play tricks on you, then play tricks on them.

                If you want people to treat you like crap, then treat them like crap.

                Karma is the 'boomerang" of action and reaction.  It always comes back, sometime, somewhere, somehow, but not necessarily in the same way.

                Reincarnation is the cycle of re-entering a different physical body, lifetime after lifetime. I will tell a story to illustrate this process:

                Once upon a time there lived this little girl named Barbie on a farm in the Welsh countryside.  She was only 5 years old.  One day her daddy was taking her to town with him to do some shopping.  As they were passing a side road, a car came speeding down that road and did not heed the stop sign and slammed right into the right side of the car where Barbie was sitting, and killed her instantly.

                          Barbie was suddenly thrown out of her body and found herself in the spirit realm, or purgatory or the lower heavens, whatever you want to call it.  Once in the spirit realm she remembered all of her total life experiences which included sixteen previous lifetimes stretching back over a thousand years.

                     She'd had previous life experiences with both of her earth parents.  Also she started seeing spirits that she had known before she had reincarnated to become Barbie. Eventually while walking around over there, going into peoples houses to see what they were doing,  going to movies whenever she wanted to,  going to restaurants and eating the spiritual parts of food as it drifted up from tables, etc. She especially liked the grubby spiritual part of the flesh of dead animals as it drifted up.

                One time she went into this house and was surprised to find someone she had known in a previous lifetime.  She did not like this person and wanted to get even with her.  So she started haunting that house.  She would pick up dishes and throw them on the floor, she would make noises to wake everyone up and scare the hell out of them.  She did all kinds of things so long that the owners of the house had to abandon that house for peace of mind.

                           She hung around the various places where she used to play as a child.  She would hang around the house with her earth parents and knew everything they said or did.   Her earth mother got pregnant again and Barbie knew she could reincarnate back into another body and again be with her earth parents.

                Everything looked pretty good for Barbie until Sally showed up.  Sally and Barbie had known each other from previous lifetimes.  They did not get along at all.  So Sally was about to throw a "monkey wrench" into Barbie's plans.

                Barbie:  Sally, what are you doing here?

                Sally:  I have come to see Jim and June (the earth parents).

                Barbie:  Well, you can just get out of here right now, I was here first.

                Sally:  That makes no difference to me.  I am going to reincarnate back with these people just as soon as it is possible.

                         Barbie:  Over my dead body, you will.

                Sally:  Now you are being just plain stupid Barbie, you can't die over here.

                Barbie:   Well, whatever.

                Anyway, these females continued their arguments up until June gave birth to the new baby.  Jehovih does not give spirits, like these females, the power to reincarnate while the unborn child is in the womb.  But after the child is born they can do this.  You are probably wondering, why does Jehovih allow this to happen.  I  have a theory but I'm not too sure about it.

                At conception, a new person is created, both the body and the spiritual part, at the same instant the sperm enters the egg.   At that time the new spirit is not AWARE of their existence and they know absolutely nothing.  We are created BLANK.

                        While Barbie and Sally were still arguing as to who was going to reincarnate into the new baby's body, another spirit who had been watching while all of this was going on, manage to reincarnate into the new born baby's body.

                    What happens to the new born baby's spirit?  Does it stay in the same body with the reincarnater or is the new spirit driven out into the spirit world?  Either one can happen.

                In the case of the reincarnater and new spirit staying in the same body throughout life, they grow and develop together quite harmoniously because the reincarnater's superior intelligence and experience will mold the new spirit along the same lines as the reincarnater.

                In the case of the new spirit being driven out of  it's own body, someone over there will take care of it.  There is very little I can recall about that in Oahspe except that somewhere it says that aborted babies can get caught up in the hells that were created by false gods.

                         On page 85 you write that you love shoes, especially high heels  and wedged to make your feet look thin.

                O.K. Charlotte.  Here is where I have to warn you.  If you continue to wear high heel shoes, you will develop osteoarthritis in your knees, a debilitating degenerative condition.  Not only that, it can screw up your spine and all kinds of problems with your central nervous system.  I have some scientific proof that I have already sent to you.

                And wearing shoes which do not give your feet and especially your toes the ROOM to properly stay in the position they are supposed to stay in,  can cause horribly malformed toes.  I have seen pictures of what women have done to their feet and toes just to be stylish and it is just plan horrible what women will do just to stay in style.

                Charlotte, God did not create your feet, legs and spine to be tortured just to be stylish by these "idiots" out there who change the style of this or that and make women think that you have to keep up with this style or that style just to be in the "in crowd."

                  Those trend setters and fashion designers are just after your money.  They would change the style every "month" if they could get enough women to be gullible enough to buy all this stuff from them just make money off of them.

                   You are now rich and famous.  You will now be watched by everyone who sees you to see what you are doing and now YOU are somewhat in charge of what trends people will follow.

                       If you went on the Jay Leno show, wearing one of those cute coverall outfits, many females who saw you would want to go out and buy the same thing.  Charlotte, people do not worship God anymore, they worship the rich and famous. Oh, they give God lip service, maybe go to church for appearance sake and that is about it.

                Now, because of your position in this world, this should  be your prayer to God:

                "Dear Heavenly Father.......I come to you tonight knowing full well that because of my high profile position in this world, a lot of people, especially children and teenagers, will be watching everything I do and many of them will now try to pattern their lives after what I do.  I am only a teenager myself and I know I am not perfect and I know that I will be tempted to do things that might cause others to fall into sin also.  I just ask you to guide and direct my thoughts, my words and my actions so that you will not be disappointed in me."   Amen

                I come into your life, Charlotte, "not as a destroyer, but to tell you who the destroyers are".  I love you.  I do not want "you" or anyone else hurting "you."

                On page 86 you write that you are not into piercing.

                Good!  It can cause serious infections.

                On page 87 you wrote that you loved the Jerry Springer show.

                When the Jerry Springer Show was a daytime program, I would watch it every day.  I would spend most of the time laughing at the stupid things people will do and that included the audience.  It takes all kinds of weirdoes to make up that side of this society and they all gravitated to that show.  What shocked me the most was the gall of these people to bring on that show people that they were having relationships with and totally humiliating them in front of the whole world.

                I really enjoyed the ending where Jerry would give his philosophical summation about the show of that day.  He always did a real good job at that.

                        On page 87 you also wrote that when you girls had sleep-overs at your house you would chat and eat candy.

                Charlotte, candy and sugar in general causes a lot of health problems.   My dreams really dumped on me about sweet stuff and that included honey.  You may be craving sweets because you are not getting the proper vegetable protein in your system.

                This is what I do.  We have a health food store here that stocks a variety of raw nuts and dried fruit.  They sell this food in one pound plastic bags.
                I go to this store and buy a wide variety of raw nuts, raw seeds and dried fruit, about ten bags of it.  I come home and get out a big paper grocery bag.  I open all of these bags up and dump the contents into this grocery bag.

                      I reach down and mix up all this stuff.  Then I pour this mix in one gallon plastic bags and put a tie on it.  I put these bags into the refrigerator.  This is called "trail mix."  This is a totally natural mix and is good and sweet.  Nuts have fat in them, but it is good fat.  You would have to eat an awful lot of nuts to put on weight eating nuts.  Besides, the body needs some fat anyway.

                On page 100 you wrote that without trust everything falls apart.

                   Here is another example of the shocking maturity not very often found in a person of your age.

                On Page 102, you wrote about adrenaline and sugar lows after sugar highs after being on stage and wanting to just go to sleep. 

                Adrenaline probably does not apply here but a sugar low after a sugar high probably does, especially if you stuffed yourself with candy before going on stage.  Eat what God makes, not what man makes.

                I have sent an article to you on the dangers of sugar written by a Dr. David G. Williams.  The name of the article is The Deadly White Powder That's Legal.

                On Page 119, you wrote about someone saying, that you said, "Don't you know who I am?"

                In one of those dreams of mine, you said:   "Don't you know who I am?"  My interpretation was not that you were being rude, because I did know who you were.  It meant that there was something else that I needed to know and the dreams that came later explained that.

                   On Page 136 you wrote about Terry being amazed at the change in you when you are on stage. 

                I agree with Terry completely.  I noticed that too.  It's like you are two different people.

                On page 159, you wrote that at the end of a long days work, it was friends and family that meant the most to you.

                Very few teenagers can comprehend this.
                On page 186 you wrote that you hardly dream at all because you are just too tired.

                Being tired has nothing to do with remembering your dreams. Your dreams are your "doorway" into the spiritual side of you and the doorway into the spiritual realm and the doorway to your own God. Being INTERESTED in what "you are doing" in the spirit realm is all you need to remember your dreams.
                Charlotte:  What do you mean by "your own God?"

                Donald:  Just that, your own God.

                Charlotte:  O.K.  Let me get all of this straight.

                Donald:  O.K.

                Charlotte:  First there is the Creator, Jehovih who is so big that all of the stars and planets and suns are inside of Him.

                Donald:  That's right.

                Charlotte:  Then there are many Gods in all of this stuff on various planets
                who are the bosses over these planets for a certain length of time and they work for Jehovih.

                Donald:  That's right.

                Charlotte:  And then there are Lords who are really LAND GODS who are the bosses over certain sections of each planet like there is a Lord over Wales and these Lords work for Jehovih too.

                Donald:  That's right.

                Charlotte:  Then there are millions of angels on all of these planets who have many, many different jobs so numerous that it is silly to try to list them.

                Donald:  That's right.

                Charlotte:  All right!  Now  that I have that straight, and I know that there are all of these Gods out there, I have a question.

                Donald:  What is your question?

                Charlotte:  Since you say I have my own God, out of all of these Gods out there, which one of these Gods is mine.

                Donald:  None of them.

                Charlotte:  I'm getting out of this conversation, I can't take this anymore!!

                Donald:  Wait just a little more Charlotte and I will explain it all to you.

                Charlotte:  Well, all right.

                Donald:  Let's go back to the moment of your conception.

                Charlotte:  O.K.

                Donald:  As soon as a sperm enter an egg, new life is started both spiritual and physical.  The spiritual part is the mind, conscious and sub-conscious.  As you go through life you start building a memory bank.  You also are building a character structure and a personality type.  Also and most important you are building a moral code which is that part of your thinking process which tells you what is right and wrong.

                This moral code is in a state of constant modification and changes.   As you learn more and more, you will be trying to adjust to the constant barrage of new information that comes your way.   This moral code area is called your conscience!    The Creator of the Universe says that this is all that you are responsible to obey.  So, in effect, this is your own God.

                Charlotte:  O.K.  That is a lot plainer, but if my God would talk to me in a dream like He talks to you, how can my own conscience take on "a life of  it's own" and talk?

                Donald:  It can't.

                Charlotte:  Then if your conscience is your own God and it cannot talk to you, then who is talking to you?

                Donald:  Jehovih.

                Charlotte:  Donald?

                Donald:  Yes Charlotte.

                Charlotte:  Sometimes the more you try to explain this to me the more confused I get.

                Donald:  I'm sorry Charlotte.  Try to think of it this way.  Jehovih knows that when He talks to any one of us, He must take into consideration the limit of our understand on the subject being discussed.  In other words He has to get down to "our level".  It works this way.  If you were to try to explain something to a six year old, you would take an entirely different approach to the subject than if you were talking to a college student.

                When Jehovih talks to anyone, He takes into consideration every single aspect of our character, personality, likes and dislikes, moral code, and tries to get a point across, in a way and manner, that He can get through to us.

                So, in effect, when Jehovih uses our own total intelligence, which is limited and not perfect, to communicate to us, it is like having a little Jehovih of our own.   And as we grow and develop, that part of Jehovih will grow and develop and we will be able to do more and more of the things that He does

                Charlotte:   Will we ever be perfect like Jehovih.

                Donald:  No.

                Charlotte:   Bummer!!

                Donald:  Do mean that you would like to be perfect like Him someday?

                Charlotte:  Yes.

                Donald:  No you wouldn't.

                Charlotte:  Why do you say that?

                Donald:  Let me put it to you like this.  You like to go shopping with Abby, Jo and Kim, right.

                Charlotte:  Right.

                Donald:  Suppose that there was never any new and different cloths in the store, just the same old stuff every time you went there.

                Charlotte:  If that was true, I would not want to go shopping anymore.

                Donald:  Right.  And when you went to the book store and they had no new books or magazines, you would stop going there too, right?.

                Charlotte:  Right!!!!!

                Donald:   So imagine being perfect and there was nothing more to see, nothing new to learn, no new challenges, no new friends to meet, no new places to see and you had to put up with that for ETERNITY.  Do you know how long eternity is?  How would you feel in a situation like that?

                Charlotte:  Terrible.

                Donald:  Right. To me, that would be hell.  The boredom of not being able to learn something new or go to different places would be terrible in my opinion.  I thrive on constantly new challenges.

                Charlotte:  I can agree with that, but it "hurts my head" to think of life lasting forever, and that Jehovih never had a beginning, and will never have an end, and neither will I, and how can Jehovih begin to be the Creator when He never did have a Creator Himself, and how nothing can even exist except He is right there Himself, and how big this whole thing is and how puny I am compared to all of that!  It's enough to drive a person crazy.

                Donald:  I know, so don't worry about it.  Just come to the conclusion that we will never "know it all" and enjoy the trip into everlasting new learning and everlasting new experiences.

                Charlotte:  O.K.  Will my God (who is really my little Jehovih) ever talk to me?

                Donald:  Eventually.

                Charlotte:  What do you mean, eventually.

                Donald:  That all depends on a lot of factors I do not fully understand.

                Charlotte:  Like what?

                Donald:   Like whether you would handle the information properly, whether your grade was high enough to handle the information, whether you would use the information to only help yourself or others, whether you had the intelligence to even know what it means to help others, whether it was time for you to have this

                BUT PRIMARILY:

                GOD WILL TALK TO ANY PERSON,
                IF THAT PERSON,
                REALLY WANTS TO KNOW,
                WHAT GOD WANTS
                THEM TO DO.

                Charlotte:  Donald?

                Donald:  Yes, Charlotte.

                Charlotte:  I do not want to sound stupid or anything like that, but can you put that in very simple language?

                Donald:  O.K.  Do you want to do, what God wants you to do, or do you want to run your life, the way you want to run it?

                Charlotte:  Donald?

                Donald:  Yes Charlotte.

                Charlotte:  Is there anyway that I can do what God wants me to do and still do things that I want to do.

                Donald:  It works this way Charlotte.  First of all, you must really want to help other people or He really is not interested in talking to you at all.  If you go to Him with selfish requests, He will just ignore you and Satan will answer you.

                If you really want to help other people and almost everyone you know turns their back on you and you end up crawling on the floor of your apartment. He will send dreams to you and do His best to get you back on your feet again.  And He will send you clear across the ocean to someone He knows can help you if she will just listen to her heart and her soul.

                Charlotte:  How do I get started working towards the day when God will talk to me?

                Donald:  Let me ask you this.  What would you do if you wanted to have some sort of relationship with me?

                Charlotte:  Well I would tell you that I wanted that.  I would call you on the phone or I would send you an e-mail or I would send some snail mail or I would get on a plane, fly to America and rent a car and drive to where you live and I would drive into your driveway and go knock on your door and when you opened up that door, I would tell you that I wanted to talk to you face to face.

                Donald:   Yeah, right!!  Only in my dreams would that ever happen.

                Charlotte:  But I do get your point, I would have to tell my God that I wanted to have a speaking relationship with Him.

                Donald:  Right.  But as soon as you even get this thought in your head, He already knows what is on your mind anyway so it is unnecessary to actually put that desire in words to Him.

                Charlotte:  So, what do I actually do!

                Donald:  Do you have a stenographic notebook?

                Charlotte:  Do you mean those tablets that are about six inches wide and nine inches long and have this spiral ring binding at the top?

                Donald:  Right.

                Charlotte:  No, but I could pick one up at a store.

                Donald:  O.K. Do that.

                Charlotte:  What's next?

                Donald:  Take a  ball point pen that has a clip on it and stick that into the ring binder on top of the tablet.

                Charlotte:  O.K.  Now what?

                Donald:  Put that tablet on a night stand next to your bed.  And whenever you wake up, during the night  or in the morning, write down any dreams that you have.

                Charlotte:  Just one problem.

                Donald:  What's that?

                Charlotte:  I hardly ever dream.

                Donald:  Charlotte.

                Charlotte:  Yes, Donald.

                Donald:  How good are you at playing basketball?

                Charlotte:  Not good at all.

                Donald:  Why not.

                Charlotte:  Because I do not take an interest in basketball and I never practice.

                Donald:  Bingo!!

                Charlotte:  So, if I take an interest in my dreams and practice writing them down, and try my best to understand them, then I would get better and better at using my dreams in my life and someday, if all conditions had been met, then  my God would talk to me, in my dreams, just the way  He talks to you.

                Donald:  That's right.

                Charlotte:  Hmmm!!!    Donald?

                Donald:  Yes, Charlotte.

                Charlotte:  Is there an unforgivable sin.

                Donald:   Yes there is.  If a person does not believe in a god at all or does not believe in a life after death, then that person can "cease to exist" upon death of the physical body.  Atheism of any kind, in any form, is the most evil force on this planet.  Any so-called science that teaches there is no god is just a form of atheism.  Darwin's theory of evolution is a "junk science" that teaches a godless form of life here on earth and is the most insidious form of atheism I have ever seen.  Any organization that teaches that there is no god and no life after death, is an evil organization of the worst kind.

                Charlotte:   Will you tell me some of the things your God has said to you.

                Donald:  Most of the things that He has said to me are quite personal in nature but there are some things I can tell you.  One time, when we lived on out in the country,  I asked Him to show me His handwriting  in a dream.  So He showed a white background with this written on it:    I SNOW.

                Charlotte:  What did that mean Donald?

                Donald:  Well first, that winter we got tons and tons of snow.  We were snowed in for a full week and could not even get to work, the store, nowhere.  We were snowbound.  I kid you not Charlotte, that snow was three feet deep.  I had a 68 Surbuban at that time and after my kids and I shoveled out the driveway, I tried to drive through that stuff.  I could drive for a few feet, get stuck, back up, and try again.  I kept this up for awhile and managed to get down the road about 100 feet till I realized that it was totally futile to try anymore.  We finally got plowed out about a week later.

                Charlotte:  I do not understand why He phrased it the way He did.  He said  "I snow"  instead of "I made it snow."

                Donald:  Jehovih is an ALL PERSON.  He IS everything. He is the snow, He is the rain, He is the flowers, He is the animals, He is the sky, He is the oceans and when you walk on the ground you are walking on HIM.

                Charlotte:  I noticed you did not say that He is people.  Why not?

                Donald:  We humans are a part of Him also, only we are the highest of ALL of His creation because He gave us Free Will.  So, even though we ARE a part of Him, we still enjoy an independence from Him because of Free Will.  None of His other creatures have this.

                Charlotte:  Donald?

                Donald:  Yes Charlotte.

                Charlotte:  You are blowing my mind, Donald.

                Donald:  Sorry, but you wanted to know this stuff.

                Charlotte:  And I thought the Pope was closer to God than anybody else on earth.

                Donald:  One time I had this dream where I was way up in the sky, skipping along in the clouds eating raw vegetables.  Then I decided to eat some cooked vegetables.  As soon as I started eating those cooked vegetables I started falling toward the earth and a voice in the sky said, NAY, NAY, NAY!!!

                Charlotte:  Well, I can sure interpret that dream.

                Donald:  What does it mean?

                Charlotte:  As long as a person eats raw vegetables they will be happy and things will go well for them, but when they start eating cooked vegetables, then they are headed for trouble.

                Donald:  That is right Charlotte.  One time I was discussing religion with the people next door.  I told them about Oahspe and of course they were Christian and they told me their Bible was better than Oahspe.  So I just threw my arms up in the air and said, well, I guess they are both good Bibles.

                That night my God chewed me out good.  He was angry.  He said, "Do not throw those Bibles up in the air together", meaning that they were not equal.

                Charlotte:  Which means that Oahspe is much better than the Christian Holy Bible, right?

                Donald:  Right.  I was having trouble with my son at that time and Jehovih said in a dream, "He cannot obey the rules."

                There are other things that happened to me in 2001 besides my problem with my legs.

                Charlotte:  Like what?

                Donald:  When we lived on that farm up north,  my brother and I went bare foot all summer long and NO SHIRTS.  We were like wild indians and looked like indians before long as our skin darkened from the sun.

                Well, there was no fear from skin cancer in those days and we got sunburned a lot.  Now at my age I am having trouble with a pre-cancerous condition.  During 2001, these red blotches started coming up on my arms.

                I had read about a Catholic Priest who had cured himself of this condition
                on his face by just putting hydrogen peroxide on it.  So instead of going to a doctor to have these treated I decide to try peroxide.  I used a q-tip and would apply this stuff on these blotches about twice a day and in about three to four days they would go away.  All the way through 2001, this kept happening over and over, but I was always able to get rid of them.

                I hadn't had any of those in 2002 until a few days ago and another small one came up and by applying peroxide, I got rid of it.

                Another thing that happened was that I started getting parathesia in my neck.  It was so bad I was suicidal.  I did not even want to live anymore. I had a dream that I was supposed to eat watermelon. So as long as I ate  watermelon once in awhile, I got along fine.

                Another thing that happened to me was horrible.  I had an abscessed tooth that needed to be taken care of and because of the infection a dentist prescribed an antibiotic called Clindamycin.  Antibiotics kill bacteria.
                This did take care of the infected tooth, but antibiotics, especially broad spectrum, kill the good bacteria in a person's body also.  Good bacteria are vital to our well being.  When the good bacteria are destroyed it leaves us wide open to all manner of infection and illness.

                Well, 24 hours after I started taking that antibiotic I developed a horrible rash on my back.  I knew immediately that it was Clindamycin that had caused this, so I stopped taking that antibiotic right away.  I called the dentist office and told them what had happened and he prescribed another antibiotic.

                Well.....the infection was gone and there was no need for me to risk taking another antibiotic.  Right away people would say that I should go to another doctor to get some other drug to take care of the rash on my back.  I did call a doctor and told him what had happened and he  recommended Aveeno.  That did help but not enough.  After what had happened to me because of that doctor, I was terrified to trust another one.  So I decide to try some natural way.  It's a very long story what research I did but finally found help from the Edgar Cayce Readings and discovered that I now had a condition which resulted in the almost total destruction of my immune system.

                       I have several hundred books in my library and the biggest category is health books.  I knew how to rebuild my immune system by a special diet. So I got on that right away.  A daily salad of romaine lettuce, carrots and celery is the best thing you can do to maintain a strong immune system.   I also knew I would have to start massive PROBIOTIC treatments.  Probiotics are good bacteria.  I had to get those good bacteria back in my body FAST because that antibiotic had killed off all of mine.

                I started taking two capsules every day.  "God told me, in a dream,  I was taking too much and He told me to only take one capsule."  When I woke up I told Him that I was taking no chances and I would continue taking two capsules unless He sent me another dream on that one capsule request.  I went to bed that night and He told me "Take only one capsule."
                So now I only take one capsule.

                This is what is in one capsule:

                Lactobacillus acidophilus...............................................4.0  Billion
                Bifidobacterium lactis.....................................................3.2 Billion
                Bifidobacterium longum.................................................0.8 Billion
                Total minimum microorganisms......................................8.0 Billion

                These must be under refrigeration to be kept alive or they are worthless.  Microorganisms are tiny little animals in your body that go around "kicking the crap" out of those bad guys (germs) inside of you.

                The best source for natural probiotics is RAW GREENS.  Romaine lettuce, spinach, parsley, etc.  Cooking spinach is not very good because so much food value is destroyed.  Head lettuce isn't much good because the color is not dark enough.   Some greens must be cooked, like dandelion greens and kale.

                Whenever choosing raw vegetables and raw fruit, always choose the darkest color, because they have the most food value in them.  For instance a sweet potato baked (can't be eaten raw) is about 100 times better for you than cantaloupe because the color is darker.  Broccoli is one of the best vegetables you can possibly eat but the tops should be eaten raw to get all the value from it.  The bottoms should be cooked.

                2001 and 2002 was my years of hell and now maybe you will begin to realize how much you meant to me while I was going through all that.  It was just you and me and God.  Is any wonder He has been on me constantly to get this letter out to you?

                Charlotte:   How many times has your God spoken to you in your dreams since He first started?

                Donald:   Several hundred times.  When we lived out by by a lake I would wake up every morning with a "theme of the day message".  I would carry what He said in my mind throughout the day to cheer me on.  By the way, you are singing a different song to me in my dreams at night now.

                Charlotte:  Which one?

                Donald:  "Tonight!"  I am not familiar with that song, and because of your Welsh accent, I can't understand hardly a word you are saying.

                Charlotte:  Do you really think I am coming over there and singing to you in your sleep.

                Donald:  Well, I can wish it was true can't I?  When I wake up your songs are in my mind, singing, singing, singing.............

                Charlotte:   Donald?

                Donald:  Yes, Charlotte:

                Charlotte:  Suppose I turned down your marriage proposal and then later on realize I had made a mistake and decided that I did want to marry you.
                What would you do?

                Donald:  We would have to sit down and talk about what you had been through, what your experiences were, what caused you to change your mind and through discussion, see if it made good sense to build a life together.  I firmly believe that relationships of that kind are on a much more solid foundation when the persons involved sit down and talk out every aspect of that relationship before they ever get seriously involved emotionally.

                It is like forming something in clay.  You do not put a partially formed piece of clay art into the kiln, where the heat will bake it, until you have finished the job.  You do not put a cake in the oven until you have properly mixed all of the ingredients together, so why would you get sexually involved with someone just for the lust of it before you found out whether you two were compatible on the mental and spiritual parts of the relationship?

                That does not make sense to me all.  That is putting the cart before the horse. That is like trying to put a roof on a house before the framing is done.  That is the reason 50% of all marriages fail and a very high percentage of married people mess around with other people even while they are married.

                 The institution of marriage has lost a lot of it's sacred meaning.

                Charlotte:  Do you believe that a couple should live together before actually getting married legally?

                Donald:  Ideally no, but in certain situations, yes.  It is better to do as I have already spoken about, but if two people are so hot for each other that they cannot resist their feelings for each other other, then a trial marriage is better than jumping into a legal situation where great turmoil is created fighting over material things and child custody in a divorce.

                Charlotte:  Do you believe in prenuptial agreements.

                Donald:  I think prenuptial agreements are a necessary contract because most people just haven't the common sense and maturity to be fair with each other.

                Right now you have a great deal more money than I have, but once I get moving on my plans, my potential is "infinitely" far greater than yours will ever be.  Unless I fail. By the time you get done reading this love letter, I will give you a peek into what I am talking about.  I work for Jehovih, Charlotte and He has plans for us, but nothing can happen unless you want it to.  He has given you free will, just like everyone else.

                Charlotte:  Do you believe in birth control?

                Donald:  Yes.  There is nothing sinful about birth control at all.  That is just the rules made up by religious leaders, so they will have more people giving them money, more people to rule over so they do not have to go out and work like everybody else does.  And then they scare you with the threat of hell with their false teachings.

                Charlotte:  How do you plan to make money to found the FTC?

                Donald:  By making money on my computer.

                Charlotte:  You can make money on your computer?

                Donald:  Yes, I can make money on my computer by writing books for one thing but there are numerous ways a person can make money on computers.   A book named "101 Internet Businesses You can Start From Home"  by Susan Sweeney, C.A. is a good book to read on that.  I can also trade stocks.

                Charlotte:  So how are you doing on stocks?

                Donald:   I gotta go eat breakfast.

                Charlotte:  Bummer..

                Donald:  I'm back.  Now back to Jack..............

                Charlotte:  Donald?

                Donald:  What Charlotte?

                Charlotte:  We were not talking about Jack, we were talking about making money on your computer.

                Donald:  I keep waking up to you singing to me in my sleep.  They are now switching back and forth between "Tonight" and "Carrickfergus".  I sure wish I knew what the lyrics were.

                Charlotte:  Donald?

                Donald:  Yes, Charlotte:

                Charlotte:  Can we please get back to this stock business?

                Donald:  Well, I really don't like to talk about it.

                Charlotte:  Why not?

                Donald:  Actually I wouldn't mind at all if you were right here in my apartment, but not in this letter.

                Charlotte:  Is there just a little bit you can say in this letter?

                Donald:  O.K. Go to your computer (if you can get online) and type in the address area

                Charlotte:  O.K.  I got it.

                Donald:  Has the webpage fully loaded?

                Charlotte:  Yes.

                Donald:  Now type DJIA in the symbol area.

                Charlotte:  O.K.

                Donald:  Now click on QUICK CHART.

                Charlotte:  O.K.

                Donald:  You should now see a chart of the DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average).

                Charlotte:  That's right.

                Donald:  To the left of the QUICK CHART button you will see an area that will show a time period.  You will probably see "1 year" but it could be a different time period from that.

                Charlotte:  I see it.

                Donald:  Now click on the little arrow for the time period selector and click on "all data."

                Charlotte:  I got it.

                Donald:  You will now see a long term chart of the DJIA for the past several years.

                Charlotte:  Right.

                Donald:  Now tell me, what did the DJIA do in the fall of 1987?

                Charlotte:  It took a big drop, suddenly.

                Donald:  Right.  Do you know what PUTS are?

                Charlotte:  No.

                Donald:  PUTS are financial instruments you can buy on some particular stocks and some indexes like S&P 500, so that if the stock or index goes down, then the PUT goes in the opposite direction and goes up.

                Charlotte: Heh!! That's cool.  Then you can make money when stocks or the market goes down.

                Donald:  That's right.

                Charlotte:  That's really neat.  Who ever thought of that?

                Donald:  I don't know who ever thought of that but you can also sell short and accomplish the same thing.  But anyway, just before the market was about to drop, I had dreams TELLING ME it was going to drop.

                Charlotte:  You had dreams telling you that the market was about to drop and did you then buy some puts?

                Donald:  Yes I did.

                Charlotte:  How much did you spend?

                Donald:  $2000.00

                Charlotte:  And after the market dropped, and the puts went up, how much were the puts worth?

                Donald:  $55,000.00...... and it all happened on Monday and I sold on Tuesday.

                Charlotte:  I don't believe you!

                Donald:  That's O.K. Charlotte, but there are tax records that will prove that I am telling you the truth.

                Charlotte:  This is unbelievable.

                Donald:  Yes, but you are only getting a small part of the whole story.

                Charlotte: Then, what happened next.

                Donald:  During that time, God told me that the market was about to go way up, for a long time, and at the end, I could buy a farm.  I did not understand the dream soon enough to take advantage, of the dream, before something very bad happened.

                Charlotte:  What happened?

                Donald:  I got involved in Commodities.  We were in a drought that year and the price of commodities were in a bull market.

                Charlotte:  And what happened?

                Donald:  Well, first I paid taxes on that money and cleared off all debts except the house mortgage.  But all of the rest of that money I lost on commodities.

                Charlotte:  Bummer!!!!

                END OF PROGRAM TWO




                To Mr. Gary Cooper:

                         I liked rock and roll fine in my day, which was close to yours,  but I did not like what rock and roll evolved into, because of the drug culture that people went through, and are still are going through. Their junk food diet is also causing them to write and sing this horrible music.  I hate rock music and I should call it "rock noise" because as far as I am concerned, that is all it is. To me, music comes in "colors" and rock music is "BLACK".  Can you imagine God or His Holy Angels listening to rock music?  Not hardly.

                      But I will tell you for sure, they are listening to Charlotte.  I have come into Charlotte's life to keep her from making many devastating mistakes.

                       I know you liked Elvis Presley, but I did not, because Elvis flaunted has sexuality in front of the world and I consider that "very wrong" and because of that, I wanted nothing to do with him.  The Beatles were a complete turn off to me also.  I cared for none of their stuff.  The reason for that, I will keep to myself.

                      This is why I have respected Charlotte so much,  she has not flaunted her sexuality at all and hopefully she never will.  The young people of any generation need "decent role models" to pattern their lives after and so far Charlotte has done a splendid job.

                       Because of your passion for music, rearing your daughters around music and teaching Charlotte what you knew about music, you are the one who started all of this.

                     So, to sum it all up for you, where would Charlotte be without you?

                To Mrs.  Cooper:

                        I know you  like to keep "personal things personal" and I couldn't agree with you more on that score.  I have a feeling that you are the type of person who works your influence quietly and calmly behind the scenes, so to speak.  Since you like to read about the lives of other people, you would probably really enjoy reading  "There is a River", by Thomas Sugrue.  This is the story of Edgar Cayce who was the father of Holistic Medicine.

                      Even though I am a Faithist and the organization founded by him is Christian, I have benefited greatly from what I have leaned over the years from the Edgar Cayce readings.  In His lifetime he would lay down on a couch and while under hypnosis, give readings for people anywhere in the world on health and many other subjects.

                      To Caroline:

                      I do "not" want to embarrass you by this, but my heart goes out to you because of how hard you tried to make it in a decent way in your singing career instead of singing in those pubs.  And if it had not been for you to call that TV station, to help someone else make it, where would Charlotte be today?


                To James:

                      Even though you are not Charlotte's biological father (I guess, I don't know) you have certainly done a splendid job being her Dad and your concern about Charlotte going through the dating process is my concern too, whether she wants me or not.

                To Maria:

                It's obvious to me that you have handled your relationship with Charlotte in about as "even handed" a way as anyone could. You have been the prime mover of her success and I was very impressed with the way you interacted with Charlotte in that first video.  The way you two could have your "little conflicts" and still laugh about them was very impressive to me.

                THE PRINTED WORD

                Dear Charlotte:

                        I just about made a terrible mistake and could have completely ruined any chances of us ever working together.  As I have already told you, I was put under a lot of pressure to get this information out to you and to get busy on stocks at the same time.

                      I had Program Two already to mail and I had three dreams, one right after the other, warning me about Program Two.

                       The first dream came on Wed. Oct. 9, 2002 where "I was handing Program Two to you and you refused to take it and would not hug me."

                      The next dream came on Fri. Oct. 11, 2002 where this Angel told me that I'd make a mistake but it was in symbols and not very clear.

                       So on that Saturday I spent the whole day proofing reading and removing information in Program Two and I thought I had it ready to mail.  On Sunday I had a dream from God showing you in a real nice Pink outfit that a female gymnast would wear. I was shown you from the waist up. He said, "Tell Charlotte what she needs to know."  Well, this told me that I still had not found what was wrong with that program. So I spent that whole Sunday going over the entire program again and making still more changes.

                       At nine PM that night I was reading through it for the last time and as I was reading a part where I was writing to Caroline, I finally found the mistake all the dreams were talking about.

                I wrote:
                To Caroline:

                I do want to embarrass you.......

                where I meant to write ...

                I do not want to embarrass you.....

                Here is an example where a simple mistake can ruin relationships!
                       You will be able to read about this later on in Program Two.   Let this be a lesson to you about the printed word WHEREVER you find it throughout your entire life.

                     No matter what you read from any source, even OAHSPE, the highest publication on earth today, people will make mistakes now and then when writing anything.  There are mistakes in Oahspe.  We Faithist who have studied Oahspe know this for a fact.  Even in the beginning of Oahspe, it says that Oahspe is not infallible ( not perfect).

                Charlotte:  Why would God write a book that has mistakes in it?

                Donald:  I have a copy of some of the original manuscript, but I have not had a chance to compare it to Oahspe.  Besides that, Newbrough was given liberty to "edit" Oahspe under the inspiration of Jehovih's Angels so there were changes from the original manuscript.  Then there was the type setters to consider and they could have made mistakes and proof reading could have missed mistakes too.  There weren't very many.

                The most important point is this:  If God were to write a book, with no mistakes in it, people would worship the book.  Information should be used by man to open other doors to higher learning, not try to be the final answer to all questions, see?

                No Bible will ever be the perfect answer to any single individual's quest for spiritual knowledge.  The reason for this is because we are always seeking new things and Bibles don't change along with our desire to keep learning more and more as life goes on.

                If God were to write a Bible just for you, He would have to keep revising it ever so often because you would keep coming up with new questions and going through changes in character and personality.

                So, I if I write something, that does not seem right, maybe I goofed or need to reword it.  Everything I say in these programs, about our possible relationship, are just ideas I am proposing as possibilities.  Nothing can happen until you actually choose to make it happen.  Nothing can happen until you contact me.  Anything I say about what we can do "together" towards working on this project or the FTC, cannot happen unless you make it happen.

                Dear Charlotte:

                        Confessions are never easy, but I have to get this off my chest.   When writing this letter to you, I had written quite a lot to you, when I had this dream that I had better read your book before I went any farther.

                      Well, when I had that dream, I realized I had not even read your book yet.

                     Here is the story about your book.  I bought it a long time ago and figured I would read it sometime, but didn't know exactly when.  At the time I was crawling on the floor during my crises, many times I would want to write to you, but was afraid to, because I was so much older. I was afraid that you and your parents would think I was some sort of a pervert or pedophile.

                      You people might even think I was "stalking you."  I suppose if I really tried, I could even find out what your home address is.  I would never do that because I don't want to even know that unless you give it to me.   Same thing goes with your phone number or e-mail address.

                       My dreams gave me your "social security number", but I have no use for it.
                "Just kidding!"

                I don't even know if you people over they have social security numbers or not.

                Charlotte:   Would your dreams tell you stuff like that?

                Donald:  If  they wanted to, they could.  I don't boss them around.  Here is an example of what they did one time.

                When I worked at my tech writer's job, my supervisor did not believe much in dreams.  So I told him I would get a dream about him and prove that there was something to dreams.

                So, that night, I went to bed wanting a dream about him to prove this to him.  That night I had a dream where I was in his kitchen and he was talking to his wife about an up coming vacation they were planning on.

                I told him the next day about the dream and he about had a heart attack.

                Charlotte:  Could you do that to me,  have dreams about what I was doing?

                Donald:  If I really tried, I could be told some things, but I have no desire to spy on anyone or stick my nose where it doesn't belong.  So, you don't have to concern yourself about that stuff at all.   But..........I have been told things about you that I did not ask for.

                Charlotte:  You have?  Like what?

                Donald:   I had a dream where I was watching you kiss this guy on the mouth.  You two were really smooching it up.  A dream like this might be just getting real close to someone in a conversation.  Kissing sometimes means real close verbally, with someone.

                      I had another dream that is a definite WARNING and this came from Jehovih's angels for me to warn you about.  You had married a guy named Gibson or something similar to this.  I may not have gotten the name right.  I don't think it was Gilman, but maybe it was.

                      Anyway, they showed what you would look like at sixty years old married to him.  Your face looked like you had either been in a fire or make-up had done a great deal of damage to your face.  You looked much older than sixty, about eighty and your left eye was so bad you were going blind in that eye.

                Charlotte:   How accurate are your dreams?

                Donald:  Very accurate when interpreted correctly.

                Charlotte:  What about these dreams about me?  Could you be wrong there?

                Donald:  Not the one about your face.  If you do not get away from cosmetics, this could happen to you over many years of using that stuff.

                I had another dream about you being murdered in a pub.  This is not necessarily a bad dream but probably symbolic of something entirely different.  I cover this in a later program

                Charlotte:  Were you worried about the letters you sent to my fan club actually getting to me personally?

                Donald:    Yes!   I do not know what procedures you have in place there, whether your mail is opened by other people to filter out unwanted mail and stuff like that.  In that case someone else could be making decisions for you and you may be kept from mail that you would ordinarily keep if you opened all of your own mail. Also, about this time the twin towers in New York were destroyed and anthrax was being sent through U.S. mail.  So everybody was being very careful of their mail, at that time.

                      Your young age and my older age is the problem here.  It just isn't the normal thing to happen and people will understandably be very suspicious when this happens and  I understand fully why people would feel this way.

                       Anyway, here is more of the book story.   I bought your book early in 2002 and just put it with my other books, to read later.  I thought maybe I'd read it someday.   So, I had the dream telling me to read your book.  When I went to find it, it was gone.  I took every book, in the closet, out and it was not there.  I looked everywhere and it had just disappeared.  So I bought another one and started reading it.  Well, on top of my feelings for you, and since I had all those dreams about you, I found your book very interesting and read it several times.  I even made an index for it so I could find stuff, you had said, faster.

                        Charlotte:  Yes, but that really bothers me, that you could say that you really loved me and you wouldn't even read my book.

                      Donald:   Charlotte?

                      Charlotte:   Yes Donald.

                     Donald:   Try to put yourself in my position.  I had fallen for a thirteen  year old girl named Charlotte Church, and there was no way I could ever have and hold you.  When I bought your first CD and fell for you, the torture of not being able to ever have you, was awful.  I would listen to your music and look at your pictures and it was sheer torture to know that you could never be mine.  After a few days of this, do know what I did?

                      Charlotte:  What?

                      Donald:  I threw your CD's in the trash.

                     Charlotte:  Why?

                     Donald:  Because it was better to just have closure to something that was impossible than go on wanting someone I could never have.

                     Charlotte:  So what happened next?

                     Donald:   Well, I went along for awhile and then I  got lonely for you and bought another CD.  And I listened to that for a few days and the same thing happened and I had to throw away the second one.  I was O.K. for quite awhile after that and then I got lonely for you again and bought your first video and then went ahead and bought all of your CD's and your second video and your book which I saw no sense in reading about someone I could never have.

                This time when I would get to the point where watching your videos and listening to your CD's got too much too handle, I just put them away so I could not see your picture.  I was able to keep away from you pretty good till I had those two silver dreams about you.  Now I knew that Jehovih and God were trying to get us together and you have been a constant companion in my mind, heart and soul and dreams ever since.

           BAD DREAM


                  Dear Charlotte:

                This is Monday, October 21, 2002 at 5:49 AM and I just got back from my morning walk.  I had a very bad dream last night about you.

                In this dream you have turned down my offer to work with me and went on to sing current pop songs.  This was a dark dream and you had a small following of teenage fans.

                It is hard for me to believe that you would do this, .....go for current pop songs on your CD's unless they fit your unique voice.

                Look at the songs you sang on Enchantment.   These are the songs that I really like except for Habanera.  Many of those songs you sang on the CD were songs that your grandparents and I  would have liked back in our day, namely Somewhere, Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man, If I Loved You, and Bali Ha'i for sure and all the rest probably. I liked all the rest but I don't know what generation they apply to.  If these are songs that really appeal to you, then you think like us, not like teenagers of today.  You may listen to their stuff, but you sure don't put them on CD's,..... yet.

                In your book you said something about buying some current CD's for your Dad so that he wouldn't get "stuck" back in the old days.  Well look who is "stuck' back in the old days, you, and that is where you belong.  Our songs in the 40's and 50's were at least written by people not on drugs.  Charlotte, you are a very gentle, soft person, not some crazed person who sings some of these current songs. The more these people eat junk food and take drugs, the worse the music gets, generation after generation. Charlotte, you are more like us older people that these young kids of today.

                You may be the same age, but mentally you are "way more mature" that any of them.  And after reading everything I have said to you, you are even more advanced than all of them.  The chances of you finding compatibility will some guy your age will be almost impossible.  If I had left you alone and left you "stupid" about religion and diet, then you would have been happy with someone just as "stupid as you used to be."  You are no longer stupid about food and religion and other things.  You are well on your way out of the darkness that most many people dwell in.  How could you be happy with someone dumber than you are about things so important?

                "Have fun" trying to change some guy, that you marry, into the things I have sent you. You won't be able to do it.  He will change you into his ways instead.

                If you want proof about anything I have said in this Love Letter to you, just ask.  I can prove anything I have said to you.

                Charlotte, if you go to Hollywood, they will destroy the person you are today.  You will not have the power to stand up to the pressure they put on you to do things you really do not believe you should do.

                In Oahspe, Jehovih says that the rich and famous in this world are "kicked around" in the spirit world.  I hate to tell you this Charlotte, but it is true.  You need to be warned about what faces you, when you die, if you do not live the right way in your position.  If you serve Jehovih, you will have nothing to worry about.  He will protect you, if you work for Him.  If you work for yourself (satan) you are on your own.  God says rich people are no better that "watch dogs", watching their money.

                Charlotte, wise up!  A lot of those people who chased after you in places you visited, were really jealous of you, because you have something they do not have.  The same thing applies to all those who fawn on you for your money and fame.  They do not love you, they envy you.

                When you die and enter the spirit world, there will be no walls around you to protect you from the people who have envied you all their lives and saw how easy you had it while they worked every day at some crummy job, for some rotten boss, for lousy pay.  There are no police over there, no walls over there, no bodyguards over there and as a rich and famous person you will be very vulnerable to the abuse any spirit wants to inflict on you.  I am not making this up.

                    Spirits say when we die, everything seems upside down over there.  The rich are like "bums" over there because they didn't do anything but goof off while the poor people worked and this built up their spirit.  The hard working people were strong and well developed in the spirit world, while the rich were weak and puny spiritually.

                Charlotte, riches are nothing but a curse unless you know what to do with the money.

                If I didn't care about you, I would not be at this typewriter trying to warn you.  If you come to work with me, you will have nothing to worry about.  Jehovih will make certain of that and so will I.  Charlotte, I am your true love.

                Charlotte:  You say you are my true love, but how can you prove that you are?

                Donald:  Well, I said I loved you, didn't I?

                Charlotte:  About a zillion times.

                Donald:  And was I telling the truth?

                Charlotte: Well....I guess you were.

                Donald:  Doesn't that sound like true love?

                Charlotte:  Well, yes, but what about how I feel?

                Donald:  I know how you feel.

                Charlotte:  So now you are mind reader, huh?

                Donald:   No.

                Charlotte:  So how do I feel then?

                Donald:  With you hands.

                Charlotte:  That isn't the "kind of feelings" we were talking about.

                Donald:  Well, maybe someday you will tell me.


  November 03, 2002

                Dear Charlotte:

                       Would you like to hear something funny?   If you have even read the vast amount of information I have sent you, I go into detail that because of my age and your age, the last thing I wanted was for people to think I was "stalking you."

                     So, I did absolutely "nothing" to try to find out anything about you on my computer except visit your own web site and that's the truth.  I did nothing to try to find out your address, phone number, e-mail address...nothing.

                    But, because I am not getting back the return cards on the registered packages I have sent you, I am getting worried that someone or a system you have set up, to ferret out certain mail, is keeping you from getting what I have been sending you over the past several weeks.

                    So, today, I decided to start looking for ways to try to get a message to you where I can at least find out if you are getting all I have sent to you.  As I have said repeatedly, what you do with this information is definitely up to you but I must know if you have received all of it.

          , November 3, 2002 I started searching the internet for information about you and people you mentioned in your book, to see if I could find someone who knows you who would get some message to you concerning what I have sent.

                     I did some searching here and there and then decided to type in CHARLOTTE CHURCH at  Well, as we say over here, that about "blew my mind" to see 36,600 links under your name.  Charlotte, how do you keep it all together?   You may be so busy, you may not even get to all of what I have sent to you, let alone all the studying you have to do.  Quite frankly, I feel sorry for you to have so much dumped on you by me and everyone else.

                     But...and this is a big but, I think what I have to offer you is a lot better than anyone else could ever offer you, and my love for you is very sincere, you can bet on that.

                                                                              Love you lots,


                P.S.    All of this started between you and I because of that dream I had on August 9, 2002, about three months ago, where you were blowing through your lips making that "motor" sound which, in dream symbology, means you want to talk to me a lot about what I am doing over here.  So that is when I started all this typing on my computer and sending you all of this stuff.  In one of my letters, I asked you for the lyrics to Carrickfergus and other songs and they are easily found on various web sites.  I just didn't know, see?

                Anyway, I will still keep trying to get a message to you so that you can contact me and tell me what you have and have not received and then everything well be "cool" between us, O.K.?
                 WEARING THE HEART


                Dear Charlotte:

                           Everything in the Universe has a vibration of it's own.  According to The Edgar Cayce Readings, when a person is working on something, his attitude towards life in general, is passed on "in some part" to whatever he is making.  So if the person who is making a broom, has good attitudes towards people in general, the broom will give off good vibrations to the person using the broom.  Now, I am sure that whatever vibrations given off by the broom will have very little effect on a person using the broom, but according to these readings this is true.

                      Now I want to talk about semi-precious stones.  These also vibrate and
                      pass on an influence to the person wearing them, especially when touching
                      the skin of the wearer.  I had a book explaining the kinds of vibrations given
                      off by specific stones, but I couldn't find it, so I ordered two more, one for you               and one for me.  I will mail yours to you sometime in the future.

                          In this envelope you will find an amethyst heart with a chain.  The amethyst gives off a vibration that is TRUTH.  Any person wearing this around their neck will begin to slowly awaken to things around them that they never realize before, in people and in other things.

                        This is the amethyst heart, I wore during my crisis and getting back on my feet, during the time I was listening to your CD's, videos and falling in love with you.  I started wearing this around my neck around Christmas time of 2000 and almost immediately, I started waking up to a lot of things, I never realized before.

                        This semi-precious stone will not "suddenly" make you smart, it is just a helpful influence towards learning things. I am positive it helped me and I am sure it will help you, especially because I had such a positive feelings towards you, while I was wearing it and my vibrations are imbedded into the stone also.

                        You could wear this while sleeping unless you sleep on your stomach, because then you will probably break the chain like I did.  I had to glue it back together with super glue.  If you check the chain, you will find the place where I did this.  You may want to get a new chain for it.  If the little eyelet comes out of the stone, put the stone between two books with the hole up, put one drop of super glue in the hole and, using tweezers, put the eyelet back in the hole.

                        I will be sending you a vast amount of information that is very shocking and the amethyst stone will help you handle it all.  Besides that;

                WEARING THIS STONE,

                WILL RESULT IN

                MY HEART

                BEATING WITH YOURS.


                ONLY YOU CAN DESTROY IT.



                                        Charlotte:  Donald?

                Donald:  Yes Charlotte.

                Charlotte:  You have obviously gone to a lot of trouble and effort and time to write all of these things to me and send all of this information  and I want to know, what do you want from me?

                Donald:  Apart from what I have already told you, I want to be magically transported to your house some morning and when you first get up in your PJ's (pajamas), before you have showered, combed your hair, brushed your teeth and haven't even completely woke up yet, I want to pick you up in my arms and sit down in a comfy chair with you on my lap and cuddle you.

                Charlotte:  Why?

                Donald:  Because, that is natural and I love natural, and I want you to know that I will love you no matter what you wear or how dirty you are or how many times you goof up, or how many silly grins you get on your face or how many moods you get into....... understand?   And whenever the whole world has laughed you to shame because you could not live up to the "angel name" that someone gave you, I will still be there for you.

                Charlotte:  Well, obviously you cannot be magically transported here for what you want, what would be your second choice to replace that.

                Donald:  That someone would take a picture of you when you first get up in the morning and send that to me.

                Charlotte:  What is the rest of your Wish List?

                Donald:  That you go with someone and with no "make up" on, have that other person take some pictures of you with that castle in the background and with some of the city parks in the background with you about three to six feet from the camera with you in focus.  I want pictures of you without make up on and just wearing everyday cloths.

                I would like the lyrics to the following songs:  Tonight, Carrickfergus, From My First Moment, The Prayer and The Water is Wide.  I am familiar with the other songs that could apply to me.  Carrickfergus is the most important, then comes Tonight and The Prayer.   These three songs have been the most often sung to me when I sleep.  I am quit familiar with Bali Ha'i which also has been sung to me while sleeping.

                I would like a picture of Abby, Jo and Kim or one where all of you girls are "squished" together in one of those photo booths.

                Charlotte:   Anything else?

                Donald:   Yes, "don't ever" do anything for me that you feel "obligated" to do. Don't "ever" send me anything that you feel you must "pay me back" just because I sent you something. Then, if you do something for me, I will know that you really wanted to do it.



                When I wrote this back in the fall of 2002, I did not know I could get lyrics on-line with my computer.   Saturday, September 17, 2005 at 7:20 PM Eastern Time.




































                      Dear Charlotte:

                O.K. Charlotte, here is the Big Picture and what your part will be if you choose to work with me on this project.  I will be brief and to the point.

                1.  In 2000 I saw your picture and fell in love with a 13 year old girl I thought was 16.

                2.  During my crises your pictures and your music help me get through a rough period in my life.

                3. Because of our age differences I did not dare contact you because people would only think the worst of me for doing so.

                4.  I started having dream after dream about you that told me to contact you and tell you about myself and my work here.

                5.  I have sent you love letters, information and books.

                6.  Your part of this book is to write "your side" of these love letters and information.

                Starting from day one, when you first got the first envelope all the way through.  Also let the other members of your family "if involved" and even friends too, to tell what they thought of the letters and information.  So when it's all finished, and in book form, the reader will see both sides of this relationship between us.

                7.  The best way for this to end, as far as the story is concerned, would be for us to marry and live happily ever after.  But if you do not want that, it still could be a good story and worth publishing.

                8.  As you have already found, from personal experience, the public is crazy about famous people.  Right now you are famous and I am not.....But, when I publish this book containing very controversial information, I will be known all over this world.

                9.  Here is a fantastic story of an old man falling for a teenager and all of the story behind that and all of the information I give in my Love Letter to you will shock this nation and the whole world out of their ignorance concerning diet and religion and everything else we will say in this book.

                10.  The benefits of this information to mankind is staggering.  Maybe you don't yet see this, but I sure do.

                11.  This is only one of the things we can do together.

                You love attention and I could not care less for attention.  I have many videos I want to produce.  These videos will need someone in them telling the viewer what the video is teaching.  You can be in all of these videos which we can produce ourselves and retain complete control over them. These videos will be so basic and fundamental, I can see them becoming "classics" and be viewed by people for hundreds of years in the future all over this planet.  This will all be done under the name of the FTC.  We will have to hire young people to work for us as we get busy on these projects.

                12.  I can see the FTC expanding into other projects including the production of movies some day when we are staffed and financed to do so.

                13.  This may sound like a project to big to ever happen, but it can.   We can do this in our own time and in our own way.

                14.  Well, that's it in a nutshell.  As I told you in the beginning, what you do with this is up to you.  I will not be mad at you if you want nothing to do with this, BUT I must know if you even get this information, otherwise, I will think someone along the way is trying to keep all of this from you.  By now, you should have received:

                1.  Letter of Introduction (two copies)

                2.  Health Letter

                3.  I'm Sorry Letter.

                4.  Program One

                5.  Program Two

                6. Oahspe and the other books.

                Until you contact me, telling me you have received all of the above, I will keep trying to contact you, because I won't know whether you have this information or maybe someone is trying to keep it from you.

                Charlotte:  What if I want to e-mail you that I have received this stuff but I am a "scardy cat" and don't want you to know my regular e-mail address?

                Donald:  E-mail addresses are easy to get and easy to get rid of in case you think I might bite you through e-mail.

                Charlotte: you have any idea the effect this information has on a sixteen year old girl reared as a Catholic on dead food, too much sugar and too much caffeine and from a completely different culture than yours?

                Donald:  No Charlotte, I don't, but I do know that Jehovih would never have sent me into your life with this information unless it was the right thing to do.  So I am not worried about this at all as long as I present this to you in the right manner.

            With Love as Always,  Donald

                P.S.   If I succeed in this project, the FTC will become a very well known organization all over the world.  Millions upon millions of people WILL convert to the Faithist religion and you, along with other people coming into the FTC will be singing to an audience in CD's and Videos far beyond anything you can accomplish on your own or with anybody else. And, we will own it all until we die.  At that time, ownership will be employee owned.

            WILL BECOME
            THE ANGEL OF THE FTC


                      Dear Charlotte:

                       Because I am about to get busy on other stuff, I have decided to send each installment of this letter as I complete it in rough form.  So there will be spelling mistaakes and probably goof ups which I will have to correct later.

                      This love letter will be turned into a book after you complete your part or published without you if you do not participate because it is the....





                Charlotte:  My part?  What will I be doing?

                Donald:  I will explain that later.

                Charlotte:  Why don't you tell me now?

                Donald:  Because it would mess up your part.

                Charlotte:  That doesn't make sense to me at all.

                Donald:  I know that it doesn't make sense to you now, but later on, when I tell you what your part will be, then you will understand why I have to keep that to myself for now.

                Charlotte:  Will I be a co-author?

                Donald:  No.

                Charlotte:  That's not fair.  If I contribute to this book, then I should be co-author.

                Donald:  Charlotte?

                Charlotte:  Yes Donald.

                Donald: Do you know what karma is?

                Charlotte:  Not exactly.

                Donald:  Karma is actually based on the golden rule of doing to others what you want done back to you.

                Charlotte:  What has this got to do with me not being co-author of a book that both of us will be contributing to.

                Donald:  Charlotte:

                Charlotte:  Yes Donald.

                Donald:  Have you ever written a book?

                Charlotte:  Yes, My Life So Far.

                Donald:  Who was the author of that book.

                Charlotte:  Me!

                Donald:  Did anybody else contribute to that book?

                Charlotte:  Well..........yes.

                Donald:  Did any of those other contributors get to be co-authors.

                Charlotte:  Well........... no.

                Donald:  In life, you will be treated as you treat others.  It may not be exactly in the same way, but, as Edgar Cayce puts it, we are always meeting ourselves in the way other people treat us.

                Charlotte:  I don't think that was very nice of you.

                Donald:  What do you mean?

                Charlotte:  Well, you tell me it's karma, but in this case, it's like you have taken charge of the karma principle to teach me a lesson or something like that.

                Donald:   I know that, and I did that on purpose to drive home a point. You have to learn what karma is so that you will not make a serious mistake in your life.

                Charlotte:  Like what?

                Donald:  As I said, we are treated by other people like the way we treat them.  You are rich and famous and if you are not careful, you will fall in the same trap most of them fall into.

                Charlotte:  What kind of a trap?

                Donald:  God says in Oahspe that rich and famous people that are worshiped here on earth, are kicked around in the spirit world.

                Charlotte:  That's terrible.  Why do they do that?

                Donald:  Because rich and famous people are so wrapped up in themselves and their own careers and wealth and parties, social functions, traveling and idleness, that they care very little for all those people who have had to work and struggle to make a living just to survive.  Most rich and famous people go into what is called "arrested development" because with all that money, they don't have to do a thing to make a living, etc.  They hire others to do everything and end up in mental and physical  declension (deterioration).

                When people like that die and enter the spirit world, they are puny and weak mentally and spiritually and sometimes completely helpless.  But people who have worked all they lives are strong and vital.

                Sometimes, people who were poor here on earth will abuse the people over there, who were rich and famous here, that did nothing for people like them.  Can you see how that could happen?

                Charlotte:  Yes I do:  If people do not care about other people, then other people will not care about them.

                Donald:  That's right.  Jehovih says that He will turn all those rich people, who did nothing to help others, more unfortunate than themselves in this life, over to the tormentors, in the next world.

                Charlotte:  But Donald, I do give to charity and do things to raise money for other people.

                Donald:  That is good Charlotte but you also need to get your hands dirty.

                Charlotte:  What do you mean, get my hands dirty?

                Donald:  That means to actually do things which makes you actively involved in an actual effort to help people.

                Charlotte:  Well, I am really too busy with my own career to spend time at some other activity.  What kind of activity would I do?

                Donald:  Charlotte, how many very young children do you think admire you and look up to you, right now in you own community?

                Charlotte:  Well, I suppose there are some.

                Donald:  There are more than some.  There are many, many kids who would be just thrilled if you would teach them to sing.  You definitely know enough about music to teach kids how to sing, especially those who parents could not possible afford to pay for such training.

                Charlotte:  O.K. Donald, I will think about it. Let's get back to this book business.  If I am going to contribute to this book, then I should get some sort of compensation.

                Donald:  Yes, and you will.  When this book is published, you will be paid according to the percent of your total contribution, compared to my contribution.

                Charlotte:  So, if your part was 10,000 words and my contribution was 10,000 words, then we will split the profits 50/50.

                Donald:  That's right.   After I deduct my total taxes, from total royalties, then I would send you a cashiers check for 50% of "that net" after taxes. We would be splitting "the net profit" equally between us.

                Charlotte:   Hmmmm!!  Let's see now, if we both write the same amount of words, then we will split 50/50, so I think I will write more words than you, so that I will get a bigger share of the profits.

                Donald:  That would not be fair to me.

                Charlotte:  Why not, if I do more, then I should get more.

                Donald:  Your idea is not fair to me because my contribution is "closed ended" and yours is "open ended."

                Charlotte:  I do not understand that.

                Donald:  When I write my part, there will be an end to that, at some specific point.  At that time, you will then be told what your part will be. Since my part will be limited and done at that time, it is "closed and ended".  Then when you start your part, you could write as long as you wanted to, which makes yours "open ended".

                Charlotte:  So I could really take advantage of you and that would not be fair, right?

                Donald:  That's right.

                Charlotte:  Getting back to this karma thing: if every action has an equal reaction, then how can you explain some girl being raped who never did such a thing to someone else?

                Donald:  There are different possibilities to that situation.  One possibility is that the girl, in a previous lifetime, did something similar to someone else and has to meet this karma in this lifetime.

                Another possibility is that she is a tease, to the opposite sex, by the way she conducts herself and how she dresses and uses make up for the purpose of attracting the opposite sex.  Here is where her attitude and purpose come into play.  It is only normal for males and females to be attracted to one another when heterosexual.  But when a female dresses and makes up her face to deliberately attract the attention of males, then she could cause herself to become so attractive to some specific male, that he will completely lose control of his impulses and force himself on her.

                Then there is the possibility that she is nothing but a victim by the other person's initiation only.  Many things happen to all of us where karma has nothing to do with it and we have just been the receiver of someone else's actions.  But it is very important to never "get even" with anybody, no matter what they have done. This is different from self defense. Good grief!!!  How did I get off on this stuff?

                Charlotte:  Don't ask me, you are the one doing the writing.

                Donald:  I guess you are right.  Charlotte, would you like to know what the Creator of the Universe thinks of you?

                Charlotte:  Well......I guess I would...................




Sing To The Tune Of
"Danny Boy"













        Lyrics Copyrighted (c) 2002 by Donald Richard Ballard
        Composed on November 1, 2002